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(Continued from Part One)




What had transpired at the Shiah temple in Verulam has no relationship with Shiah-Muslim conflict and so-called hallucinated ‘hate speech’ as Shiahs and their munaafiqeen sympathizers and supporters lurking within the folds of the Muslim community are baselessly and satanically propagating with the sole objective of fomenting anarchy, then blaming it on the so-called ‘extremists’ in the Muslim Ummah.

The very first propaganda trash fed by the very Shiahs who themselves were behind this evil perpetration was that three Egyptians had committed the misdeed. This quickly changed to three Blacks, then to three Iranians, and now we are told that all three had balaclavas which concealed their faces. This huge canard adequately confirms the fraud underlying this perpetration. The indications are that the evil atrocity was a Shiah-on-Shiah abomination perpetrated over funds – millions of rands – which the Shiahs are awarded by sinister forces for their plots and conspiracies in the country. There is not even a semblance of Shiah-Muslim conflict discernable in the act committed at the Shiah temple.



The munaafiqeen in our midst and Shiahs who have dark agendas, are swift in their LIES of ‘hate speech’ by imagined ‘extremist’ among the Muslim community, yet they miserably fail to present even a single such statement of ‘hate’ made by any of the anti-Shiah so-called ‘extremists.


That Shiahs are kuffaar is an issue of Islamic belief which no person of intelligence will label as ‘hate speech’. If we say that Christians are kuffaar, Jews are kuffaar, Hindus are kuffaar and followers of all religions besides Islam are kuffaar, this is not hate speech. This is Qur’aanic doctrinal terminology.


If it said that kuffaar are destined for eternal perdition in Jahannam, it is not hate speech. It is the belief of Islam which has been stated from the very inception of Islam. Even Christians believe that those who do not believe in their doctrine of trinity are destined for Hell-Fire.


Hindus are mushrikeen. They worship idols. This is an indisputable reality and a truth clearer than the sun’s light. The pre-Islam Arabs were mushrikeen and kuffaar, for they worshipped idols like the Hindus. Thus, it never was nor is it hate speech to describe them as the Qur’aan does, namely, they are kuffaar and mushrikeen for whom Jahannam has been specifically created.


Only hypocrites (munaafiqeen) interpret these truths as hate speech. They do so because they themselves are kuffaar. They conceal their kufr in their hearts, but vividly display it on their tongues and portray same in their attitudes and in the bosom friendship which they strike up with the enemies of Islam. About such villainy and villains, the Qur’aan Majeed states:


“O People of Imaan! Do not take as a confidant (as a bosom friend) anyone besides yourselves. They (the kuffaar) will leave no stone unturned to cause harm to you. They wish for you (and plot) that which will distress you. Verily, hatred (their hate speech) has gushed forth from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal (of hatred for you) is worse. Verily, We have clearly explained the signs to you, if indeed you have intelligence.”


When Shiahs slander that Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) had committed adultery, they are not ‘extremists’ nor is this ‘hate speech’. When Shiahs accuse Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan (Radhiyallahu anhum) of fraud and irtidaad, it is not ‘hate speech’. When Shiahs accuse that almost all the Sahaabah had become murtaddeen, then it is not hate speech. When the Shiah propagate their beliefs of kufr, it is not said that this is hate speech. But when Muslims state that Shiah are kuffaar and their doctrines are kufr, then suddenly this becomes hate speech administered by Muslim ‘extremists’. The holy hypocrisy/deception Shiah doctrine called Taqiyah which is invoked when deemed appropriate to deceive Muslims and the world, presents Shiahs as ‘peace-loving’ despite the blood-thirsty proclamations of their great imam Khomeini. Shiahs are committed to hate speech in the real meaning of the term.



The atrocity perpetrated by the sinister force at the Shiah temple does not elevate the temple to the status of a Muslim Mosque (Musjid). Some spineless bootlickers (not Shiah sympathizers) in our community, out of fear had quickly sent out messages of condolence describing the kufr temple as a ‘Mosque’.


A place of worship of kuffaar may not be designated a Musjid. So regardless of what Shiahs call their temple, it remains a temple just as a Christian church remains a church, a Jewish synagogue remains a synagogue and a Hindu mandir remains a mandir regardless of whatever atrocity any devil may commit at these temples.


On what basis do the bootlickers in the Muslim community describe a Shiah temple as a Musjid? The only basis they have is a fear stemming from defective Imaan. The Qur’aan Majeed advising these bootlickers, and mentioning the scare-tactics of the kuffaar, states:

“Verily, Allah shall not destroy the reward of the Mu’mineen. They (the Mu’mineen) are those who answer the call of Allah and the Rasool after some pain (hardship from the kuffaar) has befallen them. For those among them who practise virtue and adopt taqwa, for them there is a great reward.

The people (the munaafiqeen and the kuffaar) say to them: ‘Verily, the people (the dark forces of kufr) have united against you, therefore fear them!’ However, (on the contrary) their Imaan is strengthened, and they say: ‘Allah suffices for us, and He is a wonderful Helper.’ ” That is, the true Mu’mineen do not bootlick the kuffaar out of fear.


The bootlickers in our community spinelessly scrambled to curry favour with the Shiahs, hence they stupidly and thoughtlessly elevated the temple of kufr to a Musjid. This is the influence of shaitaan. Explicitly stating this fact, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Verily, that is shaitaan who scares his friends. Therefore, do not fear them. Fear Me, if indeed you are Mu’mineen.”

Muslims are not supposed to acquit themselves as bootlickers, fearing shadows and forgetting that Allah Azza Wa Jal is fully in control. Not an iota moves without His intervention and command, and that if all mankind and jinnkind unite to cause us harm, only that degree of harm will befall us as allowed and ordained by Allah Azza Wa Jal.

We are required to turn more to Allah Ta’ala with Istighfaar and Taa-at (Obedience). Bootlicking will not provide any succour. Those who have daggers in their hearts for the Sahaabah, are not our friends. They are not Muslims. They have their religion and we have our religion. This is not hate propagation. It is the proclamation of the Haqq which the Ulama-e-Haqq had proclaimed in every age.

Why do these bootlickers say that Qadianis are kuffaar despite the fact that Qadianis do not revile the Sahaabah. They accept all the Sahaabah nevertheless, the Ummah has unanimously branded them kuffaar without propagating violence against them. If Qadianis are called kuffaar, then to a far greater degree are the Shiah with all their atrocious beliefs of kufr and hate, kuffaar.

Just remember well that whatever has happened at the Shiah temple did not result in a metamorphosis from Shi’ism to Islam, and from temple to Mosque. As far as the Shiah religion is concerned, it has no relationship with Islam.

The very ISIS claim baselessly tendered by Shiahs and the munaafiqeen in our midst is proof for their pernicious agenda of creating anarchy. Hitherto there has been no violent conflict in South Africa between Muslims and any religious community. Our standard posture has always been: “Unto you is your religion, and for us is our religion.”

(To be continued, Insha-Allah)

9 Ramadhaan 1439 – 25 May 2018


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