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Making a satanic mockery of Ramadhaan and the Ibaadat of Iftaar, some miscreant/s is/are organizing a so-called ‘ulama iftaar’ party in Malabar. Only moron ‘molvis’ and stupid  ‘muftis’ who are bereft of basic Deeni understanding will fall into this silly trap to attend the mock ‘iftaar’ which is nothing but a haraam merrymaking party being justified with the term, ‘iftaar’ and  held in the guise of the deen.


There is no such thing as an “ulama iftaar” party. The wretched organizer and the wretched moron molvis and stupid muftis who will be making a mockery of Ramadhaan at the party must indeed be corrupt and rotten to the core to indulge in a party at iftaar time whilst millions of Muslims all over the world are suffering and struggling for food. While the plight of the Syrian refugees is still vividly being portrayed in our presence, these morons masquerading as molvis and muftis who are a disgrace to Islamic Knowledge and to the Deen, are contemplating to indulge in a stupid, ludicrous so-called ‘ulama iftaar’ party at such a time when Allah Azza Wajal descends to the First Sama’ at sunset during the auspicious month of Ramadhaan.


When every Saa-im (Fasting person) should be  sitting silently in the Musjid, humbly making Iftaar with some dates and water, and  engaging in Dua during these mubaarak moments, the moron, fake ‘molvis’ and greater fake ‘muftis’ who are available  two for a cent, will be  indulging in merrymaking.


Also, from whence did these morons dig out the idea of having an ifftaar gathering exclusively for ‘ulama’? This stupid idea reveals the rotten pride of these miscreants. They have acquired a priestly attitude from kuffaar priests and pundits. These stupid agents of Iblees are seeking public acclaim. Their desire is to promote themselves as some special clerical class such as Christian priests above the ordinary Muslimeen.


Is there any such ridiculous precedent among the Sahaabah, Taabi-een, Tab-e Taabieen, our Akaabir Ulama and ever in the entire Ummah at any time in the history of Islam? It is only Shaitaan who has inspired these morons to promote themselves by proclaiming themselves to be ‘ulama’ when in reality they are morons who should gain better expertise in the very rudimentary masaa-il of Istinja.


Their inordinate craving for cheap publicity and name (hub-e-jaah) is making fools of them. Only fools and morons will participate in this mock ‘ulama iftaar’ party. May Allah Ta’ala grant everyone hidaayat to understand the folly of their evil.

15 Ramadhaan 1439 (31 May 2018)


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