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There appears no scope any more for the reformation of this fallen disgraced and ruined Ummah. While reformation will be in small pockets and on an individual basis, there is no longer hope for reformation on a universal basis. The task of effecting universal Islaah (reformation) will be the function of Imaam Mahdi (alayhis salaam) and of Hadhrat Nabi Isaa (alayhis salaam).

The state of moral corruption of the Ummah has degenerated to the lowest ebb of fisq and fujoor. The current state of abject immorality of the Muslim Ummah indicates the impending universal Athaab which must incumbently settle on Muslims all over the world. In fact, Athaab on a universal scale has already overtaken some Muslim nations. The Syrians, Rohingya, Palestinians and Kashmiris are current examples.

No one should be complacent in this regard. Warning us, Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

What! Are the people of the towns confidant that Our punishment will not apprehend them whilst they are asleep? What! Are the people of the towns confidant that Our punishment will not overtake them during the day time whilst they are indulging in sport (world cup soccer and kuffaar sport in general). Only people who are destined to be losers will be confidant (that they will not be apprehended by the Whip of Allah Azza Wa Jal).

No Muslim nation is safe regarding Divine Chastisement. There are no exceptions. Every Muslim nation is in a drunken state of fisq, fujoor and even kufr. One by one, the Lash of Allah will strike the nations of the Ummah. The filthy and reckless indulgence in the satanism of the haraam world cup evil signals the imminence of Divine Wrath.

We reproduce here a naseehat prepared by a Student.

Some years back, during one of the World Cup football tournament seasons, Coca-Cola came up with an ingenious but Shaytanic campaign. All major cities and towns were adorned with billboards and posters that read:

Eat football, sleep football, drink Coca Cola.

Right now, 2018 FIFA World Cup is about to approach its climax. Our Muslim youths are seen watching the games, at times on a wide screen, some in the company of their friends and some even with their families. They have gone well-past the stage of eating football, sleeping football and drinking Coca-Cola. Besides eating, sleeping and even drinking football (not Coca-Cola), they dream, they hymn, they chant, and they even recite football. They have gone so crazy about the sport that their entire lives seem to be revolving round the game. The sad part is that Shaytan has now led them to take the game to the Masjid as well. This is no exaggeration. You may see them animatedly discussing the game they might have watched the previous night, at any place in the precincts of the Masjid – be it the place of Wudhu or even the Masjid’s main hall.

The decadence of the Muslim society is already manifest in every aspect of life. Now they are steadily sinking into greater destruction. They have gone so crazy about football that the moment a player scores a goal, the members of the Muslim Ummah, watching the action on a wide screen, go into a state of frenzied excitement. They are not even bothered that these actions are gradually destroying their moral and spiritual fiber and are sapping their lifeblood.

Looking at the situation from another angle, we can easily judge that this, in fact, is the ‘Kuffaar Goal’ - to bring the Muslim Ummah crashing from its position of grandeur and glory, which once was its hallmark, and reduce them to a state of spiritual as well as moral bankruptcy.

Furthermore, it’s the same Kuffaar community that leaves no stone unturned to harass Muslims all over the world. A few days back some pictures started circulating showing Saudi flag printed on the cap of beer bottles in Germany. It was a German company Eichbaum located in Manheim city that published the flag of Saudi Arabia  with its Kalimah Shahadah on the cap of one of its liquor bottles. And now a football featuring the Saudi flag bearing Kalimah Shahadah has blatantly been released.

Just imagine FIFA was so unmindful of Muslims that they started the game when our sacred month of Ramadhan was about to end! That is the time when Allah Ta’ala takes it upon Himself to reward His faithful servants. It is the time to reflect on how much close we have managed to come to Allah and to ponder on how to retain that closeness all the year round.

However, instead of busying ourselves in the ibadah of Allah to win His pleasure, many of us were immersed in watching the games and thus invoking His wrath.

Have you ever considered how much time is wasted when we watch one single game of football? Time is a very precious commodity for Muslims. If we waste it in futile activities then we are invoking the wrath of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. And Football is one major futile activity inspired by Shaytan.

Some of us might argue that there is nothing wrong in watching these matches as many teams representing Muslim countries are also playing. There is absolutely no justification in this argument. If a large number of Muslims are involved in something that is evil then it remains evil- their involvement does not change its status.

It is not too late yet. We still have the chance to make Tauba and restrain ourselves from watching any of the remaining matches so that we can retain the piety level that we acquired in the sacred month of Ramadhan.

We should turn to Allah before the time comes when we have to return to Allah.

And Allah knows best.

7 Shawwaal 1439 -21 June 2018


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