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With its ominous silence regarding its relationship with the Shiah dajjaal Tariq Jamil, the Raiwand Faction of the Tabligh Jamaat, viz. Aalam-e-Shura, this Tablighi Jamaat faction is complicit in the dissemination of the baatil and dhalaal of this Tariq character who appears to be a covert Shiah and an agent for some sinister force.

Tariq Jamil has exposed his Shiah and other bid’ah and Fisq hues. There remains no doubt regarding the status of this Shaitaanul ins from the Shar’I perspective. He is a confirmed Mudhil who misleads the ignorant with deception and his brand of Dajjaaliyat.

Hitherto, the Tabligh Jamaat has portrayed itself as a Jamiat of the Sunnah. However, this claim is debunked and its hypocrisy is palpably demonstrated by the Raiwand Faction lying in an unholy haram embrace with the Tariq Dajjaal.While enlisting members of the public of all hues and persuasions to join its ranks for the objective of Islaah, is acceptable and understandable, elevating a confirmed Faasiq, Faajir, Bid’ati, Mudhil and Shiah bedfellow to the pedestal of leadership and advisors is haram intolerable and not expected of a movement which ostensibly professes to revive the Sunnah.The unholy alliance with this Dajjaal and the ominous silence regarding the Shiah Shenanigans displayed by Tariq Jamil on his current Shaitaani holiday in South Africa has cast a dark shadow of serious doubt and confusion on the Raiwind faction of the Tabligh Jamaat.

Mufti E. Salejee of Isipingo Madrasah and the Imaam a Trustees of the Hilaal Musjid in Durban who are the representatives of the Raiwind faction are also complicit with their silence regarding the Tariq Dajjaal.Meanwhile, the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg with its Shaitaani appendage, Radio Shaitaan, who are promoting the Dajjaals propagations are surreptitiously sending out the message that the Dajjaal is in South Africa under the auspices of the Aalam-e-Shura Faction of the Tabligh Jamaat.

The Raiwind factions entanglement with Tariq Jamil has created the understanding that this Tablighi Jamaat sect is also plodding the trail of baatil despite its ostentatious self-portrayal as being a Jamaat of the Sunnah.There is an imperative and urgent need for the Aalam-e-Shura faction to denude itself of its satanic dubiosity and to cast off its cloak of diabolism by making a clear pronouncement regarding its nexus with the Tariq Dajjaal. Failing to come clean and allay the suspicions of true Muslims will perpetually damage the Raiwand faction. Then, there will be no option but to brand and include the Raiwand faction in the camp of the Ahl-e-Baatil and Mudhilleen.

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2018 20:30  

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