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Tariq Jamil in one of his talks said:

There will come such a day that my Allah will say:

“He who has not recited the Kalimah, but has said only once, “Allah”, enter him into Jannat”.

According to this belief of Tariq Jamil, Abu Jahl, and all the Mushrikeen and Kuffaar will be among the inmates of Jannat. Please comment in detail on this statement which has caused much confusion.


It is Firstly necessary – absolutely necessary – to understand that this vile character, Tariq Jamil is a Zindeeqh, Munaafiq, Shiah, Mudhil – a veritable Shaitaanul ins (Human Devil) as stated in the Qur’aan Majeed.

In Allah’s plan for this world, He appoints for the Ambiya (Alahimus Salaam), for the Ulama-e-Haq and for the Muslim Ummah special Shayaateen and Small Dajjaals for the continuance of the earthly conflict between Haqq and Baatil (Truth and Falsehood). In Allah’s Scheme, the creation of the world is the arena for this conflict. Therefore, Devils of Tariq Jamil’s breed are integral to life on earth. With the approach of Qiyaamah such Shayaateen and Dajjals will be on the increase. Hence, despite the preponderance of these Devil creatures (Tariq Jamil, Menk, Suliman Moolla, Ninowy, NNB Jamiat, MJC, etc..) in our era, it should not be cause for despondency. These satanic developments should be understood as part of Allah’s Taqdeer which is the subject of His Wisdom which is unfathomable to our created minds with their limited comprehension.

The statement of the Tariq Dajjal is palpable Kufr. It expels from the fold of Islam a person who subscribes to it. This Kufr belief of the Dajjaal violently militates against the Qur’aan and Ahaadith. Every Muslim is aware of the indisputable Qur’aanic fact that the Kuffaar are destined for everlasting residency and perdition in Jahannam.The claim by Tariq Dajjaal is a brazen LIE which he is attempting to promote in the name of our Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Tariq Dajjaal’s LIE is the very antithesis of the more than 14 century teaching of Islam regarding which there is absolutely no difference of opinion. Without subscribing to the concept of Imaan propounded by the Qur’aan, the consequence is only everlasting Jahannam. While there are numerous Qur’aanic Aayaat debunking the Kufr of Tariq Dajjaal, the following Aayaat should adequately suffice to expose the LIE of this Shaataanul ins:
“Verily Allah cursed the Kaafireen and has prepared for them the Scorching Fire wherein they will dwell forever. They will not find a friend nor a helper. “That day when their faces will be grilled in the Fire, they will excaim: ‘Would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Rasool.’” “And they will say: ’O our Rabb verily, we had obeyed our leaders and our seniors. Then they deviated us from the (STRAIGHT) Path.’”“Our Rabb! Give them a double punishment, and curse them a great curse”                                                                                                                (Ahzaab, Aayaat 64-68)
We are bound by the Shariah to accept and submit to every belief and practice of Islam. Subjecting the Qur’aan and Ahādith to personal interpretation, whim and fancy is Zindaqah (heresy, blasphemy) which negates Imaan.Regarding the everlasting nature of the stay of the Kuffaar, Allah Ta’ala states:“Whoever, disobeys Allay and His Rasool, then Verily for them is the Fire of Jahannam wherein they will dwell forever.”    (Surah Jinn, Āayat 23)While the Tariq Dajjaal seeks to paint an acceptable and benign portrait of the Kuffaar whom the Qur’aan describes as Allah’s enemies, the Qur’aan unequivocally pronounces the punishment of everlasting Jahannam for them.Forgiving all Kuffaar and granting them Jannat, and casting all the Believers and the Ambiya into Jahannam is with the power of Allah Azza Wa Jal. No one can curtail nor question His prerogative power and authority. He has all the power to do with His creation as He Wills and desires.However, to believe that this assumption (i.e. forgiving all Kuffaar and granting them Jannat, and casting all the Believers and the Ambiya into Jahannam) is a fact of reality which will occur, is manifest Kufr.Similarly, whilst it is fully within the power of Allah to send into Jannat the Kuffaar whether they had said “Allah” or not, it will be Kufr to subscribe to this Kufr assumption which the Tariq Dajjaal propagates in his bootlicking satanic sermons calculated to bootlick the Kuffaar.Whether there will dawn an era in Eternity for the emancipation of the Kuffaar from the Fire of Jahannam, is not our concern. That is Allah’s prerogative.  He is Mighty and powerful and He does with His creation as He Wills. But it is Kufr to believe that the Kuffaar will be set free from the fire after a zillion years or a krillion centuries in the Fire.The belief of Tariq Dajjaal is possible for only a Kaafir and munāfiq of his hue.                                                             


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