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In one of his Zukhruful Qawl (Satanically adorned discourses), the Tariq Jamil Dajjaal, presented the following advice of deception:

“For Allah, wherever my message is reaching now – Please learn to live with love. – Live like one Ummah whoever you are linked with, continue on that – I’m not wanting you to change your allegiance – Peace to you, but allow others to live also.

When the wave (of destruction) rises, everyone is affected – The Masjid and Mandir, are destroyed. Due to the expression of hatred Allah’s mercy is lifted and all suffer the consequences just like a razor shaves and removes all the hair”. 

Whilst this slave of Iblees is at pains to promote the idea of mankind, Mu’mineen and Kafireen, being ‘one Ummah’, Allah Ta’ala, in the Qur’aan Majeed explicitly categorizes humanity into two opposing groups. Thus the Qur’aan declares:

“It is He (Allah) who has created you. From you are Kaafir and from you are Mu’min”. (At-Taghaabun,Aayat 2)

In innumerable Aayaat, the Qur’aan classifies mankind into two distinct opposing groups-Mu’mineen and Kaafireen/Mushrikeen. Rejecting the concept of ‘one Ummah’, the Qur’aan Majeed mentions in several aayaat:“If Allah had willed, He would have made you one Ummah. But, He misleads whoever He wills. And, most assuredly you will be questioned about your deeds.” (An-Nahl, Aayat 93)

 “Verily those who disbelieve and died whilst they are Kuffaar, never ever will be accepted from them the world of gold if they desire to ransom themselves with it. For them is the painful punishment and for them will be no helper” (Aal-e-Imran, Aayat91)

Debunking the corrupt idea of mankind being one ideological nation, Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalaam) came with the doctrine of Tauheed to create the largest division in mankind. In the aftermath of raising the standard of Tauheed, came the innumerable wars with the Kuffaar and the Islamic subjugation of their lands which were rendered fertile for the growth of the Tree of Tauheed.The plunder, pillage and killings which are the incumbent consequences of wars were enacted, condoned and elevated to the pedestal of Ibaadat for raising the glory of Allah’s word in the lands where Kufr was the sole reigning force. All of this comes within the purview of the Hadith,” Hatred for the Sake of Allah”.

Only those in whose hearts lurk Kufr and nifaaq are bereft of the attribute of Bughdh fillah (Hatred for the sake OF Allah).The type of ‘love’ which the Tariq Dajjaal, the interfaith pillagers of Imaan and the modernist Zanaadaqah(Blasphemers) in our midst are propagating is pure Satanism designed to extinguish Islam. That is why this Shaitaani moron equates the mandir to the Musjid.Whereas the mandir is a Hindu temple housing idols and dedicated to shirk and Kufr, the Musjid is the House of Allah where only He is worshipped. While the mandir is an abode of Jahannam, the Musjid is a place of Jannat.Tariq Dajjaal deceptively says:“Allow others to live also.”

In this evil utterance he aligns himself with the Western enemies of Islam who have created the disease of ‘Islamophobia’ which postulates that all the adherents of the Sunnah are ‘Terrorists’ whose objective is to only kill Kuffaar at random.He seeks to convey the impression that the observers of the Sunnah - those who proclaim Shi’ism as Kufr have as their objective the violent elimination of Shiahs. This lesson has been urinated into his convoluted brains by Shaitaan and by Sinister western forces whose agent he appears to be.While Shiahs have been historically violent against Muslims, the latter have never acted violently against them. The ‘Hatred’ of the Mu’mineen based on love for Allah and His Deen operates within the strict parameters of the Shariah which precludes injustice and oppression whilst the crude barbaric hatred of the Shiahs has historically induced them to persecute, torture and oppress Muslims. Bughdh fillāh of Muslims never constrains Muslims to oppress the Kuffaar or to act unjustly with them. It is the satanic propaganda of the Kuffaar Islamophobiasts and of vile Western bootlicking Dajjaals of Tariq Jamil’s ilk who implant in the minds of ignoramuses that the Qur’aan, the Sunnah and the Adherents of the Sunnah forment hatred and violence against the Kuffar. This is a despicable canard with which Muslims are being maligned by the league of Shaitaan who has employed the Tariq Dajjaal.

This evil Dajjaal, states:

“Due to the expression of hatred Allah’s Mercy is lifted.”   This is another specimen of his Zukhruful qawl. He is either genuinely ignorant of the meaning of Bughdh (hatred) with which Allah Ta’ala commands us in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, or he deliberately pretends to be stupid in this regard to peddle the ideology of the Sinister Kuffar/Shiah forces who have employed him in this profession of Kufr and  dhalaal.In the wake of Bughdh fillah cascades the Rahmat of Allah. When Bughdh fillah is eradicated from the hearts of the Mu’mineen, then Allah’s Mercy is lifted, and His wrath overwhelms and destroys the entire nation. There are numerous episodes which illustrate this reality. Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) narrated that Allah Ta’ala had revealed to Nabi Yushā (Alayhis Salaam), that He would soon destroy a city of 80,000 inhabitants. While 60,000 were Fusaaq and Fujjaar, 40,000 were outwardly so Pious that their A’maal (Ritual acts of worship) compared with the A’maal of the Ambiya. Allah’s punishment had destroyed the entire city together with the thousands of buzrugs, molvis sheikhs and hadhrats because their hearths were bereft of the attribute of Bughdh fillah. They socialized and fraternized with the fussāq, fujjaar, bid’atis and kuffaar in the manner of ‘love’ propagated by the Tariq Jamil class of Dajjaals and Shaitaans. Warning all these evil agents of Iblees, the Qur’aan says:

“Beware of such a fitnah (Punishment) which will not be restricted to only transgressors among you.” (Al-Anfaal,Aayat 25)

The Buzrugs too will be consumed by the conflagration of Divine Chastisement.


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