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Recently – a few days ago during June 2018 – the Saudi-Trump bootlicking Imaam Sudais, delivered a talk in the Musjid in Geneva, Switzerland. From the audience an Algerian Arab Brother interjecting fearlessly castigated and grilled Sudais. We reproduce here a translation of the Brother’s Arabic Naseehat for Sudais, the Saudi regime and Trump. Sudais was ignominiously ushered out by his bodyguards…
Fee Amaanillah

Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh. Is there a chance for discussion, O Shaykh? O Shaykh, I have a question? O Shaykh, I have a question, O Shaykh!

How can America and Saudi Arabia lead the nations of the world towards peace while they prevent people from peace? How can you lecture us about peace while you boycott and starve our brothers in Yemen and Qatar? And you plotted, aided and abetted the coup in Algeria, the coup in Egypt and the coup in Turkey.Stop them for they are answerable!

Stop them for they are answerable! Your prosecutor is Allah. You are conspirators. O Preachers of Falsehood! You, O Preachers of Falsehood, are answerable on the Day of Judgement for your current stance(A man tried to stop him by saying that he was causing fitnah. The response:) This is not fitnah. Fitnah is being silent in the face of fitnah. He (Sudais) comes here and preaches to us; he gives us fatwa legalizing the killing of our brothers in Yemen. You (O Sudais) are just like the Raafidhis (Shiah) of Iran. You have nothing to tell us today, and we will neither listen nor obey. O Slaves of America! We know the meaning of freedom and peace because we live in a country of freedom and peace. Allah helps a just government, be it kaafir. As 

for you, you are bootlickers of the tyrants. To hell with you! And may la’nat (curse) follow you till the Day of Resurrection.
(A man interjected: “Please stop, brother.”)I will not stop, O Brother! This is the treatment for people of his ilk. The one who is silent about the truth, is devoid of truth.
(Another man interjected: “Please stop! You are not going to achieve anything.”) He supplicates in the Haram for leaders of wine; who kill people, and here you are telling me not to maintain silence!!! I am a guest of Ar-Rahmaan. I am in the House of Allah. Assemblies have been convened and armies have been mobilized. He gave fatwas and preached (falsehood). Now it’s my turn. When they glorify the rulers at the expense of the people their motive is to create tension among the Muslims over religious issues to serve the interests of America. O slaves of America! Trump will not avail you. Trump and … they oppress the people of peace. They do not steer the world towards peace.May Allah humiliate your faces! This is the falsehood you call people to! Whoever you supported, O Sudais, whoever you supported in the 1992 coup in Algeria, the blood is in your hands.The coup in Egypt, and the thousands murdered! The coup in Turkey! You are responsible; you and the nations that plot. When you go back to Salman… you hide like mice O Slaves of Trump!May Allah humiliate you! You and your alcoholic leaders! May all the slaves and servants and the workers of the intelligence services be crushed! They will not benefit you-not the collaborators of the intelligence service, nor Salman nor Trump. They will not avail you. They will not avail you in your graves. Trump and Salman both call the world towards peace!!! Trump and Salman deceive the people of the world. They commit atrocities. All we see are the preachers and supporters of the coups of criminals.I am not an Ikhwaani (from the Brotherhood), but all Muslims are Ikhwaani (my brothers).


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