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In his talk at the Orient Hindu Hall in Durban, the agent of Iblees referring to Shiah – Muslim strife, remarked:

“End it now, don’t transfer it to the next generation, live as Muslims, live as one Ummah.”

There has NEVER been religious strife in South Africa since the dawn of the arrival of Muslims in this country. Despite Muslims today subscribing to the beliefs of Islam as Muslims had two or three centuries ago, there was no religious hatred and strife towards any Kuffaar community. Furthermore, there was a sprinkling of Shiahs and Ismailis (all Kuffaar) amongst us. Hatred was not directed to them.

On the contrary, Muslims would ignore them when sometimes they entered our Musajid for prayers. But suddenly today, arrives a Devil from Pakistan stirring up religious discontent. This Tariq Dajjaal, true to his inner Satanism, has kindled a fire of religious hatred where there never existed such Satanism.

This evil Devil deceptively projecting himself as an ambassador of ‘peace and harmony’ is in reality a fitnah-monger. No one prior to him had even made a cursory reference to Muslim-Shiah hatred/discontent because such a climate did not exist. This Dajjaal and the Pro-Shiah forgeries of the bogus baboon Cape Accord are the devilish criminals who have planted the seeds of hatred in South Africa, hence the current uproar.

Tariq Dajjaal is a terrorist of the Pakistani Shiah kind. The government should take note of this anarchy-stalking devil, and not be deceived by his hollow and false theme of ‘love and harmony’. Such proponents of religious strife should not be allowed into the country. They are a vile curse which comes with destability in the wake of religious discontent they propagate under religious guise.

There is no religious strife here for Muslims to end. Muslims are only stating the correctness of their Islamic beliefs to guide the ignorant and unwary whom the Shiahs are targeting by means of false propaganda.

In the post-Khomeini era, Shiahs have created havoc and chaos in various countries. Iran has funded and armed them. This is the scenario in Pakistan where they have murdered over 30 Muslim Ulama in recent years. Their agent Tariq Jamil is here to promote their fitnah and fasaad.



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