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MJC Orion Saga

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MJC, SANHA, NIHT and the entire vile conglomerate of carrion and pork halaalizers are
100% responsible for the haraam pork and carrion which tens of thousands of Muslims were
devouring for years and are still currently devouring. The Orion Cold Storage is NOT
blameworthy for the pork and carrion which MJC and SANHA have fed the community. The
shocking malpractices perpetrated by Orion were condoned, legalized and halaalized directly by
MJC, and indirectly by SANHA and NIHT. The non-Muslim Orion Company cannot be accused
for the haraam rubbish and filth of halaalized pork and carrion it was producing on the strength of
the MJC’s haraam ‘halaal’ certification.

SANHA, not being directly involved with Orion, considering it a wonderful opportunity to get at
the MJC’s throat and to redeem its rotten carrion image, jumped on the bandwagon advertising
itself as the knight in shining armour whereas it is a stinking coward emitting foul stenches just
as the rotten pork and carrion which the MJC was halaalizing for Orion. The behind-the-scenes
cloak and dagger plots against the MJC in which SANHA is involved are no secret. In jumping on
the bandwagon, SANHA was not motivated by any Deeni concern or the fact that Muslims were
devouring MJC halaalized pork and carrion.
SANHA at its halaalized carrion plants such as Rainbow, Earlybird and numerous others, is
guilty of similar malpractices perpetrated by the MJC who has been caught with its pants down
and its satr ghaleez exposed in public. Just as the MJC had been halaalizing carrion, so too has
SANHA been halaalizing billions of haraam, rotten, diseased carrion chickens at the various
kuffaar chicken-killing facilities of the kuffaar. Today SANHA is accusing the MJC of the very
same haraam malpractices which we and others have levelled against SANHA in its carrionhalaalizing
industry. A couple of years ago SANHA had also crucified the MJC in a secret 220
page report in which SANHA had highlighted haraam practices perpetrated by the MJC – such
malpractices which it (SANHA) has been regularly committing and for which there exists a
mountain of evidence.

In the current pork-carrion scandal, SANHA mentions the following haraam practices committed
by the MJC certified Orion Cold Storage:
1. Importation of Irish and Belgian pork products and re-labelling them as Halaal sheep/veal
2. Importation of Australian Kangaroo meat and re-labelling it as Halaal beef trimmings.
3. Importation of Canadian dairy powder for animal feed and re-labelling it as Halaal skim milk
4. Importation of non Halaal Spanish poultry products and re-labelling them as Halaal.

With the greatest confidence and brazen audacity, Orion has calmly and systematically pursued
its practice of halaalizing pork and carrion. This was possible solely on account of the ‘halaal’
certification of the MJC shaitaan. The fact that the MJC certified the filth of Orion should not be
overlooked. It was this halaalization which emboldened the malpractices of Orion. The kuffaar
meat companies have absolutely no respect for these mercenary carrion halaalizers such as MJC,
SANHA and NIHT. They have understood that the primary objective of these vile bodies is the
boodle. The lining of MJC pockets with haraam money by Orion had secured the MJC’s silence
and co-operation in the satanic process of halaalizing pork and carrion. Had this confounded
haraam ‘halaal’ certificate industry not existed, problems of this nature would not have developed.
SANHA should shame itself for saying about Orion: “…the company has not accepted
responsibility, tendered any sincere apology, shown any remorse or taken positive action towards
prevention of same and reparation.” Why should the non-Muslim company feel any remorse and
tender any apology? It pays the MJC lucratively for the scraps of ‘halaal’ certificates to market its
pork and carrion. Muslims or so-called Muslims in the form of MJC had halaalized the pork and
carrion. The Muslim public had been devouring with relish the pork and carrion. They took
pleasure in consuming the filth which only vultures may devour. They now have no right to make
a scapegoat out of Orion for their own foul misdeeds. The true culprits and horrible shayaateen in
the saga are MJC, SANHA and NIHT. These are the devils who have desensitized the Imaan of the
carrion-consuming Muslim public. They have totally destroyed whatever inhibitions Muslims
once upon a time cherished for buying meat from non-Muslims.

If anyone has to regret and offer apologies, it is the pork and carrion halaalizing conglomerate
consisting of MJC, SANHA and NIHT. These shayaateen in human form have not only opened the
door for the deluge of this pork-carrion consuming fitnah, they have actively promoted it. Let no
one labour under any misconception regarding SANHA who is making stupid, hypocritical noises
about Orion. SANHA is guilty of the same malpractices perpetrated by the MJC, and which
allowed Orion to so brazenly market pork and carrion as halaal. Orion is a non-Muslim entity
pursuing only monetary gain. The Deeni goals which motivate genuine Muslims are foreign to
SANHA. The non-Muslim entity would be insane to regret and express a stupid apology for
deeds which are perfectly valid in the non-Muslim’s concept of trade and endeavour to make
money in an easy and most profitable way.. But the shayaateen MJC, SANHA and NIHT need to
be flayed alive, crucified and excommunicated.
SANHA has a string of Orion type of carrion scandals and stinking skeletons in the cupboard.
Rainbow, Earlybird, Anchor and many others are some of the haraam carrion skeletons in
SANHA’s cupboard of infamy.

SANHA claims: “It (SANHA) does not accept nor condone certification granted at port of entry
on “paper verification” of certificates granted by foreign certifiers whose bonafides are
questionable and are visited once in several years.”
If SANHA has any guts it should name and shame the MJC and all those entangled in the
pork-carrion mess. Who was guilty of “paper verification”? Why does SANHA not name the
MJC? Furthermore, SANHA’s entire carrion halaalizing industry in which thousands of haraam
‘halaal’ certificates have been churned out is pure “paper verification”. The whole satanic carrion
cauldron in which SANHA and its illegitimate sisters are boiling pivots on “paper verification”.
In the field – in practical terms, all the chickens and meats produced by kuffaar and which they
certify, is haraam carrion. Muslims are duped with this accursed “paper verification” skulduggery.
It is humbug piled on humbug.

SANHA is seeking to pull wool over the eyes of the Muslim community with its indirect
inveighment of the MJC with the “paper verification” accusation. SANHA is now accusing the
MJC of relying on ‘halaal’ certificates which the kuffaar present at port of entry. Such ‘halaal’
certification for pork and carrion consignments are issued by SANHA’s illegitimate counterparts
in other countries which export pig and carrion products to South African as ‘halaal’. When
these carrion and swine products arrive in South Africa, the kuffaar at Orion produce the scraps of
toilet paper which certify the filth as ‘halaal’. On the basis of such scraps of toilet paper, the MJC
certifies as ‘halaal’ the pork and carrion products. This is what SANHA describes as “paper
verification” which is the basis for the MJC’s halaalization of the overseas carrion and pork

While SANHA accuses the MJC of this despicable crime – a crime of which MJC is
undoubtedly guilty – SANHA is no different. It is involved in similar haraam practices on which
pivots its halaalization of carrion products. Thus, Earlybird carrion chickens certified by the MJC
is ‘approved’ by SANHA despite the fact that SANHA’s much-vaunted ‘supervision’ of Earlybird
chicken killing plants is a stinking 0%. There is documentary evidence to prove this fact. It has
already been proven and published. The entire confounded haraam ‘halaal’ certificate industry
which halaalizes carrion products hinges on “paper verification”. The consumer buys and
devours SANHA’s halaalized filth purely on the basis of “paper verification”. The whole
haraam structure of the carrion halaalization industry operated by the conglomerate of mafia
characters rests on “paper verification”, yet SANHA in pursuit of its personal haraam agenda is
desperately struggling to deflect the focus from its own haraam operation to the MJC who has
been caught with its pants down.

With extreme audacity and skulduggery, SANHA poses the question: “Is this (i.e. the MJC’s
Orion scandal) the tip of the iceberg on the importation of meats of dubious source into our
country? Based on its many observations of practices in the countries exporting meat to South
Africa, from inception over a decade and half ago, SANHA has not approved of any imports.”
May the CURSE of Allah Ta’ala settle on this carrion halaalizer! For more than 15 years on the
basis of its own admission, SANHA has been aware of the veritable iceberg, not only the ‘tip’, yet
it has not informed the Muslim community of the carrion and pork which the MJC had been
certifying on the basis of “paper verification”. Whilst SANHA had all along been aware of the
rot and haraam of the carrion and pork imports, it had ‘judiciously’ abstained from the charade
which it is enacting presently regarding the Orion-MJC scandal. Although SANHA did not certify
the carrion imports which the MJC was certifying on the basis of “paper verification”, its
unholy alliance with the MJC and approval of MJC certified carrion plants make SANHA
complicit with the MJC in the perpetration of the haraam carrion-pork villainy. Despite being
fully aware for more than 15 years that the MJC was certifying carrion, both local and imported,
SANHA continues approving the carrion products certified by the MJC. Why does SANHA
approve of MJC carrion chickens despite its awareness of the MJC’s carrion track record which
SANHA itself had exposed and highlighted in its 200 page secret carrion report which it had
concealed from the Muslim public?

SANHA has all along been in cahoots with the MJC, whether by design or force of
circumstances, in the halaalization of carrion. Despite SANHA’s inveterate hatred for the MJC, it
has retained an uncomfortable haraam relationship with the MJC. The boodle has been the
unifying element. SANHA certifies numerous retail outlets dealing in MJC carrion chickens,
hence the justification for maintaining the illegitimate, shaky relationship.
In another desperate attempt to burnish its rotten image as the ‘king’ in the halaalization
business, SANHA states: “This saga (i.e. the Orion-MJC scandal) of devious deception vindicates
our position.” Deception is always devious. SANHA is the prime perpetrator of deviousness and
deception by misleading and deceiving Muslims into believing that the haraam carrion chickens
and meat products it certifies are ‘halaal’. For the MJC’s certification of Orions pork and carrion
products, SANHA deemed it appropriate to condemn with the strong terms, ‘devious’ and
‘deception’. Yet SANHA had not breathed a word of MJC’s ‘deception’ and ‘deviousness’ in all
the years. SANHA had preferred to adopt cloak and dagger methods against the MJC with a low
scale, behind the scenes war against the MJC while SANHA had no care for the carrionconsuming
Muslim community deceived and duped by MJC certification. The carrion-pork
stench of the halaalization industry has overwhelmed the community and the ultimate consequence
of the satanic industry will be for the mafia gang of carrion-halaalizers to hang upside down in
To project an image of piety, SANHA the carrion-halaalizer, speciously states: “Don’t run into
any icebergs that compromise your Imaan.” What relationship does this vile carrion purveyor
have with Imaan? For more than 15 years has SANHA exsiccated and corrupted the Imaan of
thousands of Muslims by feeding them haraam carrion labelled ‘halaal’. It has scandalously
perpetrated crimes worse than thousands of acts of adultery. It is guilty of perpetrating
unforgivable acts which bring destruction to Akhlaaq and Imaan. There can be no worse crime
than the wholesale halaalization of carrion products, feeding the Muslim community with rotten
and diseased carrion filth thereby utterly ruining their Imaan. SANHA has no conception of

The MJC-Orion pork and carrion scandal should jolt Muslims into the realization that al l
certifiers of kuffaar meat products are scoundrels of the worst order. They should never be
trusted. The word of the kuffaar has greater credibi l ity than the word of these munaafiq
traitors who masquerade as Musl ims – who swindle Muslims – who suck from them haraam
boodle on the basis of their evi l “paper verification” industry which halaal izes pork and
carrion meat products.
The destruction to Imaan wrought by the carrion-halaalizers is infinitely worse than the
destruction which the Mongols afflicted on the political empire of Islam.

“Therefore, eat from the lawful (halaal) and wholesome (tayyib) things which Allah has provided for
you, and be grateful for the bounty of Allah if indeed you worship Him Alone.
Verily, Allah has forbidden to you only blood, the flesh of swine and that which has been slaughtered
for anyone besides Allah. …….. (which includes halaalized carrion)
And, do not say for the falsehood which your tongues fabricate that this (carrion/pork) is halaal and
this (i.e. what Allah has made lawful) is haraam, thereby fabricating on Allah lies. Verily, those who
manufacture lies (with halaal certificates) on Allah, they will not prosper.” (An-Nahl, 114, 115, 116)

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