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BAATIL ‘haj badal’ STUNT

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Question: Is it permissible to participate in the Hajj Badal programme of Cii? Please provide us with guidance on this subject. Their advert states:

“Cii Projects Presents:  Hajj Badal 1439

Has a loved one passed away without performing Fardh Hajj?

Are you unable to perform Hajj due to an illness or disability?

Do you wish to offer Nafl Hajj on behalf of someone? ONLY 40 SPACES AVAILABLE

A team consisting of Ulamah and Ustaadhs have committed to perform Ifraad Hajj al-Badal.) What is Hajj al-Badal? To perform Hajj on behalf of those who could not. Cost: R10 000. CUT OFF DATE: Friday 17 Aug 2018. Endorsed by the Ulamah Shura Council of Cii. (End of advert)


The so-called ‘ulamah’ shura council is a moron-jaahil council. These morons do not know how to spell even the word ‘Ulama’. The addition of an h at the end of the word is a display of their jahaalat.

These so-called ‘ulamah’ are linked to a shaitaani medium, hence they too are agents of Iblees. The ‘Hajj Badal’ programme is a money-making, merrymaking stunt. The 40 chaps earmarked for this haraam stunt will be sent on a lucrative holiday which will be very profitable for the organizers.

The R10,000 will be a waste down the drain. Ibaadat cannot be commercialized as these shaitaani morons have schemed. Their stunt in addition to commercialization of Ibaadat is a mockery of the Hajj Ibaadat. It is not permissible to participate in this canned commercial ‘hajj’ programme.

3 Zul Hajj 1439 – 15 August 2018


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