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Sheep without Tails?

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The mas’alah  pertaining to the prohibition of offering tailless sheep for Qur’baani is as old as Islam. The  attempts to scuttle this prohibition is motivated by only one factor, and that is, the preference for consuming sheep mutton. It is not really an issue of  the unavailibility  of animals with tails.
The  argument for permissibility is flapdoodle and  lacking in Shar’i daleel. Allah Ta’ala, The Creator, has created sheep with tails – tails  which serve the intended Divine purpose regardless of what the modernist animal experts and farmers say.

The people in Natal and Gauteng are addicted to only sheep mutton, hence their aversion for making Qur’baani of goats which are available  with full tails. In fact, farmers are increasingly catering for  Qur’baani needs  with full-tailed sheep.  It is essential to understand that if the intention  for slaughtering the animals is only to consume the meat, then the Qur’baani  will not be valid.

Those who are making Qur’baani, in the vast majority of cases, can afford to buy meat for consumption. They should not  endeavor to kill two birds with one stone at the cost of rendering their Qur’baani ibaadat invalid.  For eating sheep mutton, they  may slaughter   sheep without tails. But, for Qur’baani, only sheep with tails are valid.  
Assuming  that sheep without tails are not available, then Qur’baani of goats  should be made. And if  goat  mutton is unpalatable,   distribute the whole carcass to  others who  will enjoy it. After all, this Ibaadat is a Qur’baani (a sacrifice). It should therefore not be too great a sacrifice to  distribute all of the goat meat to the poor in case goat mutton is unpalatable to you. But do not trifle with Ibaadat.

9 Zil Hajj 1438 - 21 August  2018


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