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Question: In a circular issued by the Jamiatul Ulama KZN on the issue of sighting the hilaal, the following statement appears:

“The Ameer of the local Hilaal Committee will then report the sighting date to UUCSA. After communicating with the various UUCSA affiliates, and obtaining consensus, UUCSA will officially declare whether the moon has been sighted or not.

None of the Hilaal Committees, nor any individual should hasten to declare the sighting to the public before the official UUCSA declaration.”

Please comment on this statement in the light of the Shariah.


Firstly, be informed that the ‘uucsa’ to which the Jamiat KZN refers is BOGUS UUCSA. This fake group has no Shari’ status. This BOGUS uucsa consists of fussaaq, fujjaar, bid’atis and even kuffaar. Among the latter is the Zindeeq MJC. The Jamiat KZN is an opportunist, sitting on the fence in pursuit of its own despicable nafsaani motives which it projects in Deeni guise.

Every month, Genuine UUCSA announces the sighting of the hilaal whilst the group of bogus sheikhs and molvis, including the spineless Jamiat KZN, flounder in confusion. Even if the sighting of the hilaal is 100% confirmed in terms of the Shariah, the Jamiat KZN, the NNB jamiat and the other moron affiliates are gagged by the Zindeeq MJC, and are not allowed by the Carrion Halaalizing MJC to make any announcement until the group of Zindeeqs in Cape Town has made a decision. The Shariah for the spineless juhala of the Jamiat KZN and the spineless juhala of NNB jamiat and other moron affiliates is the decision of the Zindeeq MJC.

The statement of the Jamiat KZN is baseless and is devoid of Shar’i substance. Genuine UUCSA and the Hilaal Committee of Jamiatul Ulama of S.A. will continue as usual to make announcements regarding the hilaal. Since the BOGUS cartel does not follow the Shariah, the Muslim community should be wary of their announcements, not only on the hilaal matter, but on all other issues of the Shariah. They are a lot of fussaaq opportunists who manipulate the Deen for their despicable nafsaani and monetary motives. They are wolves in sheep’s skin, and shayaateen in human form. The Deen is handled by them as if it is a toy to submit to whim and fancy.

20 Zil Hajj 1439 – 1 September 2018


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