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In today's Sunday Tribune Herald (16/9/2018), The South African Muslim Network's (Samnet), Dr. Feisal Suliman is urging non-Muslims to use this ‘Heritage’ month to learn about our diverse nation. They are invited to selected Musjids across the country to explore Islamic culture and tradition. A Moulana, Trustees and volunteers will be present to guide them through the Musjid. Furthermore, they are urged by Suliman to partake in our daily Salaat.

In the light of the Shariah kindly reply to Samnet's call. How is it permissible to allow non-Muslims into our Musjids? They are in a perpetual state of Janaabat and are not in the least bit aware of Tahaarah and Istinjaa. Compounding the matter they are asked to partake in our Salaah. Even Muslims are not allowed in to Musjids if they do not have Wudhu.”  (End of letter)


Much worse will still be seen. We are moving swiftly towards Qiyaamah. Samnet is Zindeeq. Zindeeq is a class of kuffaar. A zindeeq whilst professing to be a Muslim, believes and practises like the kuffaar. He corrupts the teachings and beliefs of the Deen with weird interpretations to negate the concepts and meanings of the ahkaam which have reached us from the Sahaabah.


Thus, despite the Shariah’s conspicuous ruling of prohibition for napaak (impure) persons entering the Musjid, the Zanaadaqah such as Samnet, believe that the Shariah is wrong and their interpretation and understanding are valid. It is HARAAM to allow even Muslims into the Musjid if they are in the state of janaabat, or even without wudhu. But the brains of those who devour rotten, diseased, halaalized carrion chickens and haraam and mushtabah food in general, are satanically deranged, hence the original and pure teachings of the Shariah are opprobrium for them. Everything of the Deen has to be interpreted to assuage the kufr palates of the enemies of Islam. This Dr. Suliman character should answer: Will you enter the Musjid when you are in the state of janaabat? Will you pollute the sanctity of the Musjid with your napaak presence when you are in the state of ceremonial impurity (janaabat)? If he says: “No.”, then by what stretch of Imaani logic does he invite droves of non-Muslims wallowing in both physical and spiritual pollution (kufr and janaabat) to contaminate the Musaajid with their presence? If he says: “Yes, I do enter the Musjid in the state of janaabat.”, then he is a murtad for denying the prohibition based on absolute certitude.


The Deen is being made a mockery. The sanctity of the Musaajid is being polluted by people whose brains are polluted with kufr. These are signs of the impending Hour of Qiyaamah. Whilst the Musaajid are abodes of only Ibaadat, Samnet and all those moron molvis  and trustees who will be supporting and aiding in these HARAAM activities are transforming the Houses of Allah Ta’ala into circuses and places for merrymaking.


The Ulama who silently observe these acts of desecration are, in the words of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), “dumb devils”. While  zindeeq outfits such as Samnet are digging the foundations of the Deen, they (the ulama-e-soo’) are aiding and abetting in the destruction of the Deen, and the other Ulama who may believe themselves to be sincere are “dumb shayaateen” by virtue of their silence which condones the undermining and dismantling of the Deen.


Samnet’s HARAAM action although not at all surprising, is nevertheless lamentable. Their hearts are bereft of Imaan, hence these misdeeds appear appealing to them.

7 Muharram 1440 - 17 September 2018


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