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QUESTION: I am an Imaam of a Musjid. I require clarification regarding non-Muslims entering the Musaajid. According to a fatwa issued by Mufti Ebrahim Desai’s Darul Ifta, it is permissible for non-Muslims to enter the Musaajid even for having joint meetings with Muslims. He cites in support, a fatwa of Hadhrat Mufti Mahmoodul Hasan Gangohi (Rahmatullah alayh). The main points of the fatwa permitting non-Muslims to enter and have meetings inside the Musjid are as follows:

  1. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) hosted the delegation of a kuffaar tribe in Musjid Nabawi.
  2. If one is not certain of the impurity of the non-Muslims, then there is no harm and no fitnah in their entry, and it is not sinful to allow them inside the Musjid.
  3. In India, Muslims and Hindus had created a committee to discuss unity. It is permissible to have these committee meetings inside the Musjid.
  4. Non-Muslims (mainly Hindus) enter the Jaami’ Musjid daily for relaxation.


All the arguments tendered in favour of permitting non-Muslims entry into the Musaajid are putrid and an insult for the Muftis who have displayed gross puerility in the issuance of their baseless fatwa. Citing the erroneous fatwa of a senior to bolster baatil, is itself deviation.

The Muftis who cite the Hadith as daleel are not Mujtahids. It is not permissible for any Mufti of this age to resort to istimbaat of masaa-il from Ahaadith or the Qur’aan Majeed. Ijtihaad was the function of only the Aimmah Mujtahideen. That era has closed many many centuries ago. Thus, quoting the Hadith of the kuffaar tribe being allowed in the initial period of Islam into the Musjid, is nothing but a display of jahaalat. Women too were allowed into the Musaajid five times a day during the era of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It will be silly and contumacious for a Mufti to cite the many authentic Ahaadith to prove that it is permissible for women in our age to attend the Musjid.

Also, it is ludicrous and stupid for a Hanafi  Mufti to cite a ruling of another Math-hab to legalize what is prohibited in our Math-hab. Adoption of rulings  from other Math-habs is permissible only in dire circumstances. Never is it permissible to extract a ruling from another Math-hab for allowing impure kuffaar into the Musjid and for conducting worldly meetings. The Muftis have grievously deviated with such a baatil fatwa.

The idea of kuffaar not being ceremonially impure at any time is testimony for the misapplication of the mind. How is it possible for a Mufti to blurt out such ghuta? This hallucination of the Mufti really is mind-boggling. Kuffaar have no conception of janaabat and tahaarat, especially Hindus. Cow dung and cow urine are ‘blessed’ items. They sprinkle this najaasat on themselves and on their food. It is absolutely unacceptable that some Muftis say that the ‘holy’ food which Hindus send to their Muslim neighbours may be consumed. What about the ‘holy’ dung and urine? How can a Mufti in his sane senses ever suggest: “if there is no certainty of their impure state”? Their perpetual state of janaabat is confirmed 100%. Indeed this is compound jahaalat. There is no need for evidence to prove that the sun shines during the day and that ice is cold. These are conspicuously self-evident realities.

Since the Mufti is aware that it is haraam for even Muslims to enter the Musjid in the state of janaabat, he lamentably fabricated the idea of the strong possibility of the kuffaar being in the state of Tahaarat. He has grievously erred in applying the controversial principle of Al-Asl fil ashyaa’ Al-Ibaahat. He has attempted to show that in actual fact, all kuffaar are always in the state the Tahaarat, hence we should not infer without proof that they are impure. This is the type of fatwa which deviates Muslims from Siraatul Mustaqeem. It is the type of fatwa in which the Ulama of the Yahood and Nasaara were experts. Therefore, Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan about such Ulama:

“They (Bani Israaeel) took their scholars and their saints as gods

besides Allah, and also (they took) Isaa, the son of Maryam (as god

besides Allah.).”

We are not of that ilk. The erroneous fatwas of even Akaabir Ulama must compulsorily be set aside. It is haraam to cite the errors of seniors as daleel for corrupt views and sinister objectives. The Asl pertaining to kuffaar is that they are always in the state of janaabat. To prove Tahaarat for them, daleel is necessary. The daleel will not be the word of the non-Muslim. Either a Muslim must testify or one should be an eye-witness to the act of the non-Muslim taking ghusl. But to simply claim that they are in the state of Tahaarat is a calumnious travesty of reality.

The Musaajid are venues for only Ibaadat, not for meetings. Even Muslims are not allowed to have secular meetings inside the Musjid. The sanctity of the Musjid is defiled by any worldly activity. It is absolutely baatil to claim that Hindus or any other non-Muslims may enter the Musjid and indulge in their stupid ‘unity and peace’ meetings with Muslims. They should sit on the street corners for their bunkum ‘unity’ meetings.

The fact that Hindus have made the Jaami Musjid in India a place of relaxation is not a daleel for their permissibility to enter the Musaajid. Either the trustees are bootlickers or juhala, hence they allow such haraam relaxation in the Musjid. Or, they fear being lynched by the idolaters. If this fear is genuine, then obviously, the weak Muslims who are being denied Divine Aid (Nusrat of Allah Ta’ala) on account of their treacherous transgressions, have some justification for maintaining silence when the Hindus pillage and plunder the Musjids. In India, thousands of Musaajid have been plundered by Hindus and converted into stables for cattle. Perhaps the senior Mufti of India, namely Hadhrat Mufti Kifaayatullah (Rahmatullah alayh), who had issued the fatwa of permissibility of having meetings with Hindus inside the Musjid, had the Hindu-danger in mind. But this is not a basis for us here in South Africa to acquit ourselves with such gross stupidity to allow non-Muslims entry into the Musajid. What they did in the Jaami Musjid in India is the silliest of all ‘proofs’ in the abortive attempt to substantiate permissibility for the entry by the kuffaar into the Musaajid. They are perpetually wallowing in spiritual najaasat (kufr) and physical najaasat (janaabat).

The fatwa of permissibility should be dismissed as baatil with contempt.

11 Muharram 1440 - 21 September 2018


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