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25 Safar 1433 – 20 January 2012

In a desperate bid to wriggle out of  the  Orion pork-carrion disaster into the vortex of  which its haraam ‘halaal’ certification industry is inexorably sucking it, the MJC  is breathlessly, but  very flabbily proffering  untenable excuses. But this Orion-Pork scandal has rendered the MJC’s tattered reputation inestimable damage from which recovery is not an option. MJC president Maulana Igsaan Hendricks said: “We had placed on record on VOC and in many public statements that Orion’s actions are criminal. There is no debate on that.”
This feeble acknowledgement by the MJC does not exculpate it from the criminal liability of Orion.  The MJC is a partner in Orion’s criminal actions. The bottom line in this haraam pork-carrion scandal is  that the MJC did certify Orion who relabelled  pork and other haraam meats with ‘halaal’ tags.  MJC’s defence of having certified  only 18 containers of carrion chickens lacks credibility in entirety. The irrefutable fact is that the MJC had certified products of a corrupt, dishonest entity which hoodwinked the Muslim community, feeding it PORK, kangaroo and other haraam meat products  labelled as ‘halaal’.
As far as the Muslim community is concerned, every  halaal-labelled meat product emerging from Orion was certified by the MJC. No one on earth, besides the MJC and Orion, was at that stage aware of the only 18 container  chicken shenanigan. The fact that Orion was selling MJC-certified imported chickens provided  adequate confidence to the Muslim public to consume  any meat product labelled ‘halaal’ by Orion. The popular and logical understanding is that  all ‘halaal’ labelled products of Orion are certified by the MJC. It is inconceivable that whilst the ‘halaal’ labelled chickens are ‘halaal’, the other ‘halaal’ labelled meat products of the very same entity are not halaal.
At no stage did the MJC notify the Muslim community that  the chickens of only 18 imported  containers  of Orion were halaal and that all other meat products and chicken products were haraam. The MJC’s 18 container ruse is devoid of substance. It is an insult to intelligence. The 18 containers were imported carrion chickens. What steps did the MJC institute to ensure that only such chickens which it believed to be ‘halaal’ would reach the Muslim public  under its certification?  Was every chicken  in the 18 containers labelled or relabelled with MJC stickers?  If yes, who and how  and under what and whose supervision was the labelling/relabeling executed? If no,  then on what basis were the chickens  bought as ‘halaal’ by the Muslim public? How did consumers identify that these imported chickens were  from the 18 containers certified by the MJC? And, what could have prevented Orion from labelling and relabeling  dozens of other containers of haraam carrion chickens?  Whilst  Orion had summoned the MJC to paper-certify the 18 containers in exchange for some haraam boodle, how many containers  were not brought to the notice of the MJC, and  labelled/relabelled at Orion? This notion is not far-fetched given that labelling and relabeling even PORK as ‘halaal’ have been a norm at Orion.
The MJC simply has no  valid defence whatsoever to extricate itself from the haraam pork-carrion  quagmire into which it is sinking deeper. The MJC has greater culpability than Orion in this scandal. Whilst Orion’s misdeed is perfectly normal, natural and entirely expected since the Shariah does refute the ‘halaal’ claims of non-Muslims regardless of their integrity, the MJC’s conduct for the sake of the haraam money, is utterly  disgraceful and appalling in the extreme. The MJC must acknowledge that it is solely responsible for Muslims consuming  Orion’s PORK and other haraam meat products  fraudulently labelled ‘halaal’.
The MJC’s vindication of its ducking, diving and adoption of Hijaab (Purdah) for the non-Muslim lady seeking to interview them, is stupid, laughable and ludicrous. The MJC’s  antics are clearly desperate attempts to avoid a public crucifixion, for it is fully aware that its sheikhs and maulanas have no sustainable defence and no credible alibi to offer for th Orion-Pork and Carrion scandal.
In a bizarre attempt to project ‘transparency’ regarding the  funds which the carrion-halaalizing industry nets the MJC,  Ighsaan Hendricks said:  “But the community never asks questions when we use the revenue generated  from the halal certification to pour a quarter of a million rands into the International Peace Varsity South Africa…..or when we use to support imams who work in underprivileged communities, or when we subsidise educational institutions like Al Azhar School…”
This is another red herring intended to  befuddle and beguile those who have no idea of the huge amount of haraam carrion revenue the MJC is netting.  A quarter million rands and the other tit-bit expenditure to which Hendricks refers, are laughable in relation to the tens of millions of rands which the carrion industry is  yielding.  Last year, the MJC netted approximately R20 million. Over the few decades of its haraam history, the MJC  must have  extravasate from entrepreneurs  hundreds of millions of rands. What has happened to all that boodle? Can the MJC account for it?  Mentioning tit-bits is not a demonstration of transparency. It is insulting rubbish which rubbishes the intelligence of the people. What has happened to the hundreds of millions of rands? We shall pose more detailed questions regarding the finance topic in the near future, Insha’Allah.
Hendricks says:  “We have made it clear in all our previous statements on this matter, that Orion never enjoyed full halal certification from  the MJC…..But when this story unfolded, we immediately suspended whatever limited relationship we had with Orion.”  This self-indictment displays  the recklessness  of the MJC – a recklessness motivated by the inordinate craving for  money. For the boodle they certified  meat/chicken products of an entity  dealing  overwhelmingly in haraam. It is reported that the Orion’s massive  cold room hold 3000 pallets of meat products. The alleged 18 containers constituted a minute  portion of  the mountain of  pork and other  haraam meat products. Certifying the 18 containers provided a free licence to Orion  for its fraudulent  practice of labelling/relabeling its haraam meats and pork for Muslim consumption. It is clear that the MJC sheikhs and maulanas who were complicit in Orion’s  pork scandal are bereft of Imaan. Only men  stripped of Imaan can conduct themselves as recklessly as the MJC had done.     
Relabeling carrion chickens  is nothing new. It is an old MJC stunt.  Not so long ago the paper, City Press, in its front-page main report under the caption, FROZEN CHICKEN HORROR,  exposed how MJC certified rotten frozen chickens were removed from packets, repacked and relabelled with new expiry dates.  This fraud was perpetrated at  Supreme Poultry certified by MJC . All the unpacking, repacking, etc. were executed clandestinely by non-Muslim staff. Obviously the  re-worked, re-packed, relabelled chickens were stamped/labelled with MJC certification by the non-Muslim staff. Thus, relabelling carrion and pork whilst it  comes as a shock to the masses,  is in reality nothing surprising. It is standard MJC  condoned practice perpetrated by the  entities  which pay large amounts of  boodle for the certification.
When the scandal had just erupted, the MJC went on the defensive in its desperate bid to  shield Orion, hence, the character sheikh Achmat Sedick of the MJC said that it (MJC) “took cognisance of the fact that the allegation against the company is yet to be proven in a court of law.”  Let the MJC hang its head in shame if it  has any shred of shame left in its carrion-pork corrupted soul.  The implication of  Sedick’s statement is that if a kaafir court of law does not decree the guilt of Orion, the MJC will proclaim from the rooftop that everything is fine with Orion, and all its products are halaal, and that the kaafir court’s decision vindicates the integrity and the  ‘halaal’ certificate of the MJC. The Muslim public would have continued consuming PORK and other haraam carrion meat on the strength of the kaafir’s court’s decision that Orion is not guilty.  However, the facts now staring the people in the face are clearer than daylight, and the sounds of the Pork scandal are so deafening that no decree of any kaafir court exonerating Orion will ever achieve the  effect which the MJC prays for.
The irrefutable reality is that Orion had been issued with a Halaal Certificate by the MJC. The 2011 Halaal Certificate was  submitted to court as well. On the strength of the MJC’s  wretched haraam ‘halaal’ certificate, Orion was  feeding Muslims ‘halaalized’ PORK, kangaroo meat and other haraam carrion products with MJC certification. This is the inescapable  bottom line.  More forthcoming, Insha’Allah

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