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Pakistan Court Bans Pork

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17 Rabiul Awwal 1433 – 10 February 2012


PORK –VARK –SWINE is of topical import nowadays. While in South Africa, the MJC has attained ‘fame’, i.e. satanic notoriety, for its halaalization of  Pork and other forms of meat  and chicken carrion, the authorities in Pakistan, despite that country being a non-Muslim country, have banned  even ‘traces’ of PORK for animals. This is indeed a pleasant surprise which should further dampen the  flagging spirits of the MJC clique of carrion halaalizers.
Although Allah’s Shariah prohibits feeding any kind of haraam so-called ‘food’ to even dogs notwithstanding the fact that in South Africa Muslims are addicted to devouring with relish pork – vark –swine and MJC-Sanha-halaalized  rotten, diseased, stinking carrion chickens and other carrion meats, the extremely liberal and modernist judiciary in Pakistan has banned poultry feed which contains traces of  pork. The undermentioned report is interesting, spiritually reinvigorating and a whiff of fresh air in the atmosphere which is choking with the horrible stench  which MJC and SANHA halaalized  carrion and pork are emitting at a tremendous rate.
Former JI MNA’s feed company fined: SC orders destroying contaminated poultry feed
By Masood Rehman

ISLAMABAD: A three-member Supreme Court bench on Tuesday ordered authorities to destroy imported poultry feed – that was found to contain traces of pork – within three weeks.

The bench consisting of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Ijaz Ahmed and Justice Mahmood Akhtar Shahid Siddiqui also directed action against those responsible for importing the contaminated feed. The bench was conducting a suo motu hearing against the adulterated poultry feed. Appearing on notice earlier, Attorney General Latif Khosa said 14 samples of the imported feed were found to be contaminated with pork, after which, 150 containers of the feed had been seized in Lahore and Karachi.

Khosa said the companies fined for the feed import included one owned by a former parliamentarian from the Jamaat-e-Islami, Mian Aslam. Lawyers for the poultry feed companies, requested the court to allow the tainted feed to be used as fertilizer, but the attorney general opposed the plea. The SC also directed the companies to file affidavits in court, clearly stating that they would not import such feed in the future. The SC said the importers would not only bear the expenses for the feed’s return, but would also pay fines and other penalties imposed by the customs department.

Allah Ta’ala operates in wonderful and mysterious ways. What The Majlis has been proclaiming in Allah’s Name for the past three decades has been powerfully vindicated by non-Muslims whose word for the Muslim masses in this country is on par  with the Holy Writ. And, in Pakistan  our proclamation of Haqq has been  vindicated  par excellence by a modernist, non-Muslim Supreme Court consisting of three senior judges who have surprisingly and pleasantly outclassed  and surpassed  the orthodoxy of  The Majlis by  not only banning the pork-contaminated poultry feed, but by ordering the destruction of the filth, and by refusing permission to use the filth even as fertilizer. Alhamdulillaah thumma Alhamdulillah.  The Qur’aan Majeed in its inimitable manner declares:

“And, Haqq has arrived whilst baatil has vanished. Verily,
Baatil by its very nature must perish.”

And Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:  
“Haqq will always surface above. It cannot be overwhelmed.”

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