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Kitaab reading immediately after Fardh Salaat

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Q. In our Musjid, a short bayaan / kitaab-reading takes place immediately after Fardh Salaat. The musallis are pressurized to sit until the end of the  talk. Will it be permissible to get up and  perform the Sunnat Salaat while the talk continues?

A. The Sunnat Salaat of all the Salaats, has to be compulsorily performed immediately after the Fardh Salaat. It is not permissible to delay the Sunnats until after the bayaan. The bayaan is man-made while the Sunnat Salaat is the command of Allah Ta’ala.

The Musallis should insist that the bayaans should be after the Sunnats. The kitaab-reading after the Fardh and before the Sunnats is a new bid’ah. The musallis should not sit in the bayaan. Immediately after the Fardh Salaat, they should get up and engage in the Sunnat Salaat.


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