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On this lurid act of fisq, fujoor and irtidaad, many Muslims have written to us querying the status of Muslim marriage officers who will now be compelled by the law to  perform the ‘marriages’ of same sex couples. What will be the Shar’i status of such Muslim marriage officers?

The media reports on this shaitaani abomination:

“After a long debate and a number of grievances caused by marriage officers refusing to officiate same sex couples, legislature has finally changed and a new bill has been passed which means officials now have no choice but to officiate same sex marriages.”

In view of this shaitaani law, it is absolutely HARAAM for Muslims to serve as marriage officers of the state, and it will be an act of IRTIDAAD to actually perform such a lurid, haraam affair which the secular state terms ‘marriage’.

A Muslim marriage officer who may suffer the satanic calamity of performing a shaitani union, will immediately have his Imaan eliminated. He will become a confirmed MURTAD, and will be excommunicated from the Fold of Islam.


It is the Waajib obligation of Muslim marriage officers to resign from their posts. The La’nat and Ghadab of Allah Azza Wa Jal will settle on them. They will leave this dunya in the state of kufr for conducting the Islamically intolerable act of officiating a so-called ‘marriage’ ceremony for same sex couples.

4 Rabiyuth Thaani 1440 -12 December 2018

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