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A Salafi girl is propagating that it is permissible to recite the Qur’aan Shareef during haidh. According to her the Hadith does not prohibit this. Some girls are wavering and are inclined to accept. What is the Shariah’s ruling?


The Salafi girl and Salafis in general are extremely ignorant. This jaahilah girl implies that all the great Fuqaha and Ulama of all the Math-habs had not understood the mas’alah and the Hadith  throughout the long duration of more than 14 centuries, but she, a moron of this late century in close proximity to Qiyaamah has understood what the entire Ummah had not understood.

Her insolence, contumacy and jahaalat are shockingly lamentable. It is absolutely haraam for menstruating women to recite the Qur’aan Majeed.  They will be guilty of a major sin of extreme gravity. They will be under the curse of Allah Ta’ala for polluting the Qur’aan-e-Kareem.

5 Rabiyuth Thaani 1440 -14 December 2018


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