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“What! Shall I inform you of worse by way of punishment   from Allah than this (than the hatred of the kuffaar for Muslims)? (It is) the one on whom is Allah’s La’nat (Curse) and Wrath.  From them He disfigured into apes and swines, and they worship taaghoot.”

(Aayat 60, Al-Maaidhah)

Taaghoot brings within its scope Shaitaan, idols, and all evil forces and false deities whom the kuffaar worship. These MJC juhala ‘sheikhs’ who fell into the trap of shaitaan by participating in Taaghoot rituals and worship at the Hindu wedding of shirk and kufr, are under the La’nat and Ghadb of Allah Azza Wa Jal. While in the above Qur’aanic Aayat we are informed of the  literal disfigurement of some Yahood into apes and swines, the hearts of these MJC juhala as well as all other participants who profess to be Muslims have been transmogrified into qiradah (apes) and khanaazeer (swines). There is nothing worse and more abhorrent to Allah Azza Wa Jal than shirk and idolatry.

Justifying the worship of Taaghoot, the supreme JAAHIL of the MJC, Taha Karaan, most indecorously and stupidly struggling to vindicate the participation in shirk and kufr of his two jaahil MJC cohorts, blabbered:

“Ibn Taymiyyah stated that sajdah for an idol does not by its very nature mean the person has become a mushrik, but one needs to find out with what frame of mind the sajdah was made.”

O Jaahil! How many hours did you squander in your desperate quest in the kutub to vindicate the murtad two MJC ‘sheikhs’ of shaitaan? Could you find no evidence in the Qur’aan and Ahaadith and in the rulings of the Fuqaha of the Salafus Saaliheen of the Khairul Quroon epoch to constrain you to extravasate a bit of junk from a sixth century Aalim who had abandoned the Taqleed of the Four Math-habs?

O Jaahil, Maajin ‘mufti’ of the miscreant MJC! You set yourself up as a Waarith of the Nabi, but you have degenerated into the dregs of kufr villainy to defend shirk, hence you blurt out the bunkum of sajdah to an idol not being shirk! Shame yourself. Destroy yourself in the ignominy of your baatil and shaitaaniyat. An Aalim of the Deen is supposed to guard the Deen, not justify kufr and shirk with extremely far-fetched blunders of an Aalim who appeared on the scene 6 centuries after Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Even an ignorant layman is aghast at the kufr blurted out by the jaahil Taha Karaan who claims that prostrating to an idol is not shirk and kufr.

Let him and his shaitaani ilk know that the Ummah does not kowtow to Ibn Taimiyyah nor to any Aalim of the Haqq who has committed a gross blunder in his judgment.  Brains are not required to understand that making Sajdah to an idol is the epitome of shirk for which the Qur’aan announces everlasting perdition in Hell-Fire. Yet this jaahil propagates to the Ummah that prostrating to an idol like the Hindus do is not shirk.

In Cape Town there happens to be a Salafi sheikh who is the muqallid of Ibn Taimiyyah. Jaahil Karaan should approach this muqallid of Ibn Taimiyyah to ascertain from him the status and meaning of Ibn Taimiyyah’s statement which is rejected with all the contempt it deserves. In Cape  Town, the Salafi muqallid of Ibn Taimiyyah is the only one who has vehemently and quite correctly condemned the MJC murtad ‘sheikhs’ for their participation in the Hindu wedding. We are confident that this Salafi sheikh has a better understanding of Ibn Taimiyya’s statement. Despite the deviation of Salafi’ism, we can say that he is not a jaahil of Taaha’s ilk who is at pains to justify even idol-worship – making sajdah to a Hindu idol.

The Fuqaha have clarified that even showing a non-Muslim the direction of the temple is kufr. But this jaahil of the MJC claims that making sajdah to a Hindu idol is not shirk and kufr. His heart and brains vermiculated with shaitaani najaasat of the ghaleezah kind are impervious to the villainy and notoriety of idol-worship and Hindu rituals which are all dedicated to a myriad of deities – to this god and that god.

The Fuqaha of Islam state categorically that making gifts in the names of the religious festivals of the kuffaar is KUFR. But the jaahil muqallid of Iblees says that making sajdah to a Hindu idol is not shirk and kufr. Abu Hafs Al-Kabeer of the Maaliki Math-hab said: “Even if a man has worshipped Allah for 50 years, then when nairooz (the new year of the Fire-Worshippers) comes, he makes a gift of an egg to some mushrikeen thereby intending to honour this day, then verily, he has committed kufr, and his amal (of 50 years of worshipping Allah) is effaced.”

Why will a Muslim make sajdah to a Hindu idol or to an idol of any other religion when he is not compelled by a brutal authority to perform such a vile act? Why did the najis, jaahil MJC ‘sheikhs’ sit in awe and respect to  participate in the shirki rituals of the Hindu wedding ceremony? They were bereft of even the slightest vestige of khauf for Allah Azza wa Jal. Their frame of mind was moulded by honour for kufr and shirk. There was no compulsion. The factor of warding off danger to life or limb did not exist in anyone’s wildest dreams nor did anyone hallucinate such a threat to compel the so-called ‘muslim’ Hindu groom to walk the seven steps of ‘tawaaf’ praying to a host of  deities of shirk and kufr. There was nothing – absolutely nothing to compel the wayward, jaahil MJC khanaazeer to honour and respect the shirk and kufr which were unfolding in their presence, and which by practical demeanour they condoned and encouraged. Now they seek ignorance of the symbolics of the rituals of shirk! Hindu rituals are shirk regardless of understanding the science of its khuraafaat symbols on which these shirki acts are structured.

Prostrating to an idol overwhelmingly confirms the dimension of shirk and kufr. The ruling stated in the Kutub of Islam for such brazen commission of shirk is: Taubah (Repentance), Rujoo’ (retraction of the kufr) and Tajdeed-e-Nikah (Renewal of nikah). No fatwa from any mufti regardless of his status, can save the skin and soul of such a perpetrator of blatant shirk – the shirk of prostrating to an idol.

The Fuqaha have unanimously ruled that even Istihzaa’ (mocking) of any tenet of the Shariah is kufr – kufr which expels the mocker from the fold of Islam. Regarding the stupidity of ‘frame of mind’ when committing brazenly flagrant shirk such as worshipping an idol, the Fuqaha said:

“The jester (joker/mocker) when he speaks kufr istikhfaafan (light-heartedly) and mockingly or jocularly, it is kufr according to ALL (authorities of the Shariah of all Math-habs) even if his belief is the opposite.”

Thus, even if his “frame of mind” is not kufr, his act is kufr, hence he will be branded a kaafir such as these MJC juhala. The Fuqaha brand as kaafir a person who dons the hat of Fire-Worshippers and defend his action with the argument of his intention in his heart. Since such vindication negates a hukm of the Shariah, it is classified as kufr. Now what inference is to be drawn from Taha Karaan’s vindication of the haraam and kufr acts of the MJC juhala, the groom and bride?

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the one who increases a people whether by his presence or aid, is of them, and he who is pleased with their actions is a participant in that action. Thus, these MJC juhala, the bride and groom were flagrant participants in acts of brazen shirk and kufr.

The Fuqaha of Islam have unequivocally ruled the kufr of a person who visits the fairs and festivals of the kuffaar on their days of celebration because in his presence he audaciously aids and participates in their kufr. The Kutub of Islam are replete with examples of statements and acts which are kufr. Thus, Taha’s statement: “Haraam was committed undoubtedly, but not kufr”., is plain bunkum designed to save the skin of his murtad cohorts. Insha-Allah, this discussion shall continue in another article, soon.

15 Jamaadul Ulaa 1440 (22 January 2019)


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