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MJC/Orion Pork Scandal-Pulling A Fast Stunt

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The creation of a so-called Independent Halaal Review Panel (IHRP) to advise on ‘halaal certification’ issues is a fast stunt being implemented by a desperate MJC drowning in the carrion which it has been halaalizing for decades. This latest stunt consisting of Islamically unqualified personnel – a conglomeration of secularists – has been fabricated to bale the MJC out from its wrecked ship sinking in the abyss of the carrion quagmire which decades of haraam halaalizing has created. Thus, the latest letter released by the MJC referring the public to the Islamically person’a non grata entity (IHRP) is an extremely poor camouflage for the MJC’s inability to field the numerous questions and interrogation of the public.
The MJC labours under the misconception that it has succeeded in purchasing breathing time by establishing the latest fiction. The community, especially in the Western Cape is shocked and demoralized by the revelations that they were being fed even pork as ‘halaal’.
The following is an interesting examination of the MJC forwarded by a brother, Hoosen Asmal.
The signs of a hypocrite are three : when he speaks, he lies; when he promises, he fails to keep his word; and when he is entrusted with a trust he abuses it. Words are the voice of the heart. A few examples of the Muslim Judicial Council’s (MJC) own words taken from the general media, press conferences and the Voice of the MJC (VOC) will tell you of the words from their hearts and their Hosni Mubarak like state of the health of the body.  Read what they said THEN and what they say NOW for yourself.

DENMARK : Closed for business / Open for business

THEN : MJC organizes a march of 25000 people to the Danish Embassy (Feb 2006) demanding an immediate and unwavering apology for the insult to the Prophet (pbuh) and embargo of all Danish products. The march was led by the then MJC President Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels and supported by the then deputy and current President, Sheikh Ighsaan Hendricks.
NOW :  MJC openly and proudly issues halal certificates to fraudster Orion cold storage for poultry from Denmark. Orion has displayed this certificate on its website. No details have been forthcoming of shipments by co-conspirator wholesalers such as pie manufacturers Piemans, processed goods chicken producers Rainbow & Goldis, fast food outlets Chicken lickin, KFC, Nandos etc

FUNDING :  We don’t have it / We have it

THEN :  Sheikh Hendricks tells media conference that MJC does do not have money and wishes that MJC has more funds to pay the Imams better salaries.
NOW : The financial accounts posted on the MJC website resulting from public pressure shows R8.3Million sitting in investment accounts. Another R1,5 Million given out as loans with no details to whom and payback if any. Further donations have been given to other organizations.

COMMUNITY SERVICE :  Serving them / Swearing them

THEN :  At every opportunity the MJC proudly states that they are the oldest body established in 1945 that lead the muslim community and they were involved at the inauguration ceremony of Nelson Mandela as first President of the new South Africa.
NOW : The MJC has a security detail that is quick to rough up anyone that asks awkward questions. Imrahn Mukkadam of the Consumer Forum was manhandled and spat on in the Surrey estate mosque. Sheikh Irfaan Abraham uses haram expletives and tell pensioners who are protesting outside MJC offices,  “f*** you.” Why the security? Are our Shayuk worried that they may be overpowered with love by the masses they claim to lead.

EXPERTISE : We know it / We don’t know it

THEN : MJC claims that they are the pioneers of halal certification in the country including imports. They say that they travel to slaughter houses in other countries to check on procedures.
NOW :  In a public statement announcement the MJC arranges for a panel of hand picked “independent secularist experts” to review their procedures and give their leadership direction on eliminating the problems that led to the current loss of trust by the public. They now refuse to answer any questions from the public and refer all queries to their secular panel.

PRESIDENT’S COURAGE : Lion of Gaza / Pussy cat of Cape Town

THEN : Sheikh Ighsaan Hendricks, President of MJC and Al Quds movement is in the forefront of marches against apartheid Israel and breaks Gaza siege with convoy of vehicles delivering supplies.
NOW : As seen on television by the nation, Sheikh Hendricks cannot face Deborah Patta of 3rd Degree. He lamented in his press conference that “ Deborah laid siege at our offices for 4 hours.” He is still on the run and refused a second chance to talk to Deborah but instead sent the boy, Sheikh Carr to do a man’s job, resulting in another grand flop.

NON MUSLIM UNDERSTANDING OF HALAL : They don’t understand / they understand

THEN : Sheikh Abdul Fataagh Carr whose wheels came off very quickly with Deborah Patta  tried to “explain” it away to all and sundry in the MJC’s nine mosque caravan that the reason for her hostility was that as a non muslim  she had no knowledge and understanding of the Deen.
NOW : Sheikh TITus, the soon to be replaced head of the MJC Halal trust confirmed in writing that their checks on the halal status is only up to the McDonalds regional distribution centres. They cannot check on every store but rely on the McDonalds non muslim management and procedures to ensure that halal is maintained in their 161 outlets in 9 Provinces. And Orion was all the while a supplier to McDonalds.

SLAUGHTER PROCESS : Hand Slaughter by Muslim Slaughter men only / Slaughter by machine

THEN : When the MJC were defending themselves at a press conference in 2009 against the PE Majlis tabloid accusation that its slaughterers did not read the Tasmiyah (incantation) the MJC stated categorically that the Shaf’i madhab permitted them not having to read this prayer at all but rather the intention of  the heart suffices.  However for the broader muslim community the MJC decided that they would adopt the majority method of slaughter with the Tasmiyah pronounced on each bird slaughtered.
NOW :  In the face of evidence of the certificates issued to Orion and information from those manufacturers that the poultry supplied was slaughtered by machine, the MJC’s Shaykh Sedick, Abdul Fataagh Carr and Secretary General Abdul Khaliq Alli are now saying that machine slaughter is accepted by the MJC as halal .

Honourable Ulama, we plead with you to grab this last chance before more revelations come to the fore and you face your own Arab spring and disgrace. Make the sincerest of Taubah and ask for Maaf from the community and Allah Subhannahu  wata Ala, sit down with your critics and listen, listen and listen. Then make the difficult changes for the pleasure of Allah and see the difference. Rizq is from Him alone and you have nothing to fear.

Give up the pride and arrogance of Iblis, forget the cause of Gaza and others when your own house threatens to fall apart. Put an end to the amateurish and theatrical charade of cover ups and plots of your secular advisors and those in the MJC that resist these change by showing them the door. Do what is right for Islam or risk going down in history as those that were responsible for bringing Islam into disrepute.
May Allah help us all.

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