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In an insipid, flaccid statement of ‘apology’ Gabriel of the MJC, who had participated in the wedding of shirk and kufr, has abortively and baselessly attempted to exonerate himself and his wayward cohorts from the capital crime of having condoned Hindu rituals of shirk, especially the shirk ritual of seven circumambulations (tawaafs) around the Hindu holy fire dedicated to a plurality of idolatrous deities.


Whilst the statement is captioned ‘Apology’, Gabriels was blabbering stupid vindication of his participation in the wedding of shirk. In his so-called statement of apology he clutches at straws in his vain attempt to free himself from the crime of shirk in which he had indulged, knowingly or unknowingly. The greater probability is that he and the Taliep character of the MJC had participated with the full knowledge of the kind of wedding they would be plunging in. On his own admission, Gabriel says that his presence was by invitation. The invitation cards enumerate the entire list of shirk and kufr practices which would be taking place at the wedding.  Thus, Gabriel is being brazenly dishonest in claiming ignorance of the programme of shirk. The following is the list of shirk and kufr advertised on the invitation card:

The Vedic Traditions

Swagatam = Welcome of the Groom & Family

Jaimala = The Garlanding

Kanyadan = Joining of Hands

Mangal Phera = Circling the Fire and he Seven Steps

Mangal Sutra = Placing the Necklace

Mithai = Exchanging Sweet Meats

The Wedding Vows

The Celebrations

Exchange of Gifts

Cutting the Cake

Congratulatory Speeches

Musical Tributes

In addition to this plethora of shirk customs, the invitation clearly mentions in “The Interlude” the “Indian Dance” and the haraam “Procession”. For Gabriel to plead stupidity is unacceptable and despicably dishonest.


In his abortive bid to defend his presence at the haraam wedding of shirk and kufr, he alleges: “I had no prior knowledge of any Hindu ritual, custom or tradition, as guests we were informed that a cultural practice was to take place with no relation to religious rites.”


This is a massive untruth. He was fully aware of the shirk stunts listed in the invitation card. He was aware that he would be participating in a Hindu wedding. What did he understand by ‘cultural practice’? He parades as a senior sheikh of a supposedly Muslim judicial body, yet he resorts to bunkum arguments in his vain bid to exonerate himself from the evil in which he had participated and condoned with his presence. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the one who attends a gathering is one of them.


The one and only way, the honest and short way to bring valid and effective closure to the vile debacle is to issue a public statement of Taubah. The capital sin was perpetrated in public. The amends in the form of Taubah have also to be a public statement.


Blabbering “my sincere apologies to my fellow brothers”, is stupid and insincere. For what are these apologies? Does the man understand the notoriety of his sin? He does not owe any apology to ‘his brothers’. He owes himself the duty of tendering to Allah Ta’ala a sincere Taubah.


He further seeks to vindicate his  sinful participation by saying: “I have to admit I have not read extensively into Hinduism.” This is absolutely a ridiculous defence. One  need not  have  extensive knowledge of Hinduism to understand that all its rituals are shirk and kufr. One need not have knowledge to understand that it is haraam for Muslims to participate in Hindu or any other religion’s rituals of shirk and kufr. Surely, Gabriel is not so stupid as not to understand  that  the Hindu fire-walk is shirk and kufr! This shirk act is clearly listed on the invitation card.


Gabriel avers the following stupidity: : “Had I known that possibly the good intentions of the family would not meet conformity and compliance with Islamic Law, I would have recused myself from the gathering and advised against it.”


This is another insipid, false and insincere contention to vindicate his untenable position. Good intentions cannever make kufr and shirk conform with Islamic Law. Compliance of rituals of shirk and kufr with the Shariah on the basis of ‘good’ intentions is a satanic monstrosity. This idea fits in with the MJC’s concept of sanitizing kufr and shirk to make it palatable for Muslims in the same way as they sanitize carrion with their haraam ‘halaal’ certificates.

Furthermore, if he was genuinely so stupid as to be totally unaware of theshirk with which the wedding would be bedevilled, then what prevented him from withdrawing from the gathering after he observed the charade of shirk and kufr? Why did he support all the shirk with his enduring presence? Leave alone brazen and flagrant shirk and kufr, it does not behove an Aalim of the Deen to be present in a gathering where the Shariah is being violated with sins other than kufr and shirk.


Once the eminent Sahaabi, Hadhrat Abu Ayyub Ansaari (Radhiyallahu anhu) was invited to a walimah (the wedding feast). From outside the house he observed expensive curtains hanging. He promptly withdrew and departed from the house commenting: “Such curtains are to be found in the homes of the mutakabbireen (proud ones) and jaabireen (oppressors). We do not eat their food.”


Once Hadhrat Hudhaifah (Radhiyallahu anhu) was invited to a walimah. At the house he observed some furniture of the Ajam (kuffaar). He promptly left the house and commented: “He who emulates a people is of them. A man who prefers an act of a people, he is their partner in it (in the sin).”


Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu anhu) said: “We have been prohibited (i.e. by Rasulullah – Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) from accepting the invitation of a man in whose food is the sign of riya and fakhr (show and pride) and from the home of a person wherein curtains are hanging as curtains are draped on the Ka’bah.”


Hadhrat Luqmaan (Alayhis salaam) advising his son, said: “O my son! Abstain from invitations, for they induce in you affinity for the dunya and its desires.”


Hadhrat Shaqeeq Balkhi (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “Walimahs nowadays are no longer in compliance with the Sunnah. I am remorseful when I accept an invitation.”


Hadhrat Sufyaan Thauri (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “As far as possible abstain from invitations except where there is no bid’ah. When a man eats from the utensils of others, he is disgraced.”


The reason for the disgrace stems from the corruption of the intention, bid’ah practices and haraam/mushtabah foods. These are the spiritually and even physically harmful factors associated with most invitations. Those participating indulge in the haraam practices, and the ulama attending are the worst culprits and villains who cause great damage to the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the masses with their condonation of the evil customs and practices which are incumbent satanic activities with which functions and feasts of merrymaking are encumbered.


Proffering naseehat to these evil ulama, Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh), the 10th century illustrious Shaafi’ authority, said:


“Remember this (i.e. the advices of the Auliya), and search your soul. Did you ever adopt such purity as these noble men had, or whenever you were invited to a feast, you simply went, ate and deceived yourself to believe that the wealth (from which the food was procured) is halaal? In this manner you have destroyed yourself as well as those who follow you. They too argue that if the wealth was not halaal, our sheikh would not have consumed the food. Therefore, if you are not abstemious, do not put forth claims of piety.”



a) Gabriels, the other MJC personnel and all other Muslims who had participated in the wedding of shirk had prior knowledge of the fact that shirk will be perpetrated. All of them were invited by means of invitation cards which state the full haraam programme of shirk and kufr.


b) Gabriels has issued a meaningless ‘apology’. He does not know whether he is coming or going, whether there is a difference between right and left, hence he does not define the objective of his stupid apology.


c)  Gabriels and his MJC cohorts had indulged in the capital sin of shirk and kufr by attending, sitting and condoning the Hindu rituals of shirk and kufr. If he is honest in his claim of having been unaware of the planned customs of shirk, it was Waajib for him to have left the gathering. Not only leave the kufr wedding function, but to boldly announce the evil, shirk, kufr and hurmat of the event.


d) The embracing of Islam by the Hindu groom was a mock embrace. The fire shirk ritual as well as the other rituals negate and efface even valid Imaan.


e) The bride, the groom, the bride’s father and all professed Muslims who had participated in the shirk wedding have lost their Imaan. It is imperative that they repent and renew their Imaan as well as their marriages if they happen to be married.


f) The only valid and proper course of action for Gabriel and the Taliep is to issue a public Taubah.

22 Jamaadul Ulaa 1440 -29 January 2019


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