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A Concerned Brother of Durban had written a letter of advice to the Jamiat KZN regarding their silence on the participation of MJC sheikhs in the wedding which was bedeviled and marred with Hindu rituals of shirk. Since the Jamiat KZN is closely aligned with the MJC, and in fact functions under the directives of bogus uucsa of which Sheikh Taliep is the president, the Muslim community expects the Jamiat of Natal to uphold the Shariah by condemning kufr and shirk without any ambiguity. In this regard, the Concerned Brother wrote the following letter of naseehat to the Jamiat KZN. 

Moulana Saheb 

The route taken by the Jamiatul ulama KZN does not address the abhorrent act and kufr to the Muslim public. 

The Jamiat is well aware of the large number of people it reaches through its website, daily Q&A as well as other notices issued to the public, Musjids and ulama. What does the public make of your silence? 

Therefore raising the issue solely with that version of UUCSA is not enough. 

The ulama should first and foremost condemn such blatant and flagrant kufr committed in public. Your first concern should be the protection of the Imaan of the Muslim public. 

This was not done and you have given no indication of how and when you intend doing so. Considerable time has elapsed since this event and yet internal deliberations continue on what is clear cut kufr which little maktab children can understand. 

This dithering is to the public a reflection of where the Jamiat's allegiance lies. The fact that they have despite your preferred route of resolution given you the run around shown you their true colours. 

What is the Jamiat waiting for... are you now wanting to plead, implore, cry or beg them to apologise so that it saves the Jamiat's and other members skin and not put you in a difficult position? 

The correct stance that the Jamiat should have taken is to have immediately condemned the marriage kufr and those that participated in a public notice via your email and website platform. All your ulama affiliated to you should have also been messaged as well. 

The Jamiat should have then also concurrently issued a clear letter to MJC and their UUCSA body that their stance on the matter is intolerable and that their justification is abhorrent. The Jamiat should have also included a non compromising ultimatum that if within 24hrs UUCSA and the MJC do not issue a suitable public response and enact the expulsion of those responsible then the Jamiat KZN would issue a public statement informing all of your exit from the organisation and the reasons why this was done. 

Moulana Saheb no corporate governance policy will tolerate such behaviour and actions of its employees so how then can an ulama body delay on such matters. There is no deep analysis required by fuqaha or by a Sheikhul Hadith or by having the darul ulooms needing to research the matter. 

Be decisive and clear with the fear of Allah Ta'ala in front of you. 

We cannot understand that even this weekend must pass without you making this decision.

23 Jamaadul Ulaa 1440 – 30 January 2019


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