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(Qur’aan, Surah Ahzaab)

“Women have no share (i.e. no right) in emergence (from their
homes) except in cases of need.”

“Woman is an object of concealment. When she emerges (from
her home) shaitaan lies in ambush for her.”

On the 10th March 2012 some miscreant individuals are organizing a shaitaani  function of fisq and fujoor (evil and immorality) at the Balmoral Hotel in Durban. The advert exhorting Muslim women to participate in this haraam fahsha’ function whose objective is monetary gain, describes the shaitaani event as “an exciting exercise/dance routine”. The fee of participation in this haraam fahsha’ is R60. Even to the audacious (i.e. bereft of Islamic haya) organizers, the fujoor is quite daunting, hence, in an attempt to break the natural haya of Muslim females, they urge: “Don’t be faint hearted lol.” We can safely conclude that these miscreants responsible for this lewd remark cannot be Muslim. Whilst they may be sporting Muslim names having been born in Muslim hones, they and all others should understand that organizers of such Islamically immodest and immoral events are direct agents of  Iblees. They are just as accursed as Shaitaan is.
This Naseehat is an appeal directed to the Imaani conscience of Muslim women, even to modernists. Due to khiyaanat of parents in the ta’leem and tarbiyat of their children, many  Muslim women have been exposed to the immoral environment of secular institutions. However, despite their outward lifestyle, dress and appearance being western, at hearts they do have Imaan. Our appeal is specifically  directed to them. Purdah-Nasheen women will obviously not participate in the fahash and fujoor R60 dancing event which according to the Shariah is a zina event. However, modernist women may be duped and misled by the agents of Iblees and be ensnared in the tentacles of  the fisq and fujoor which are the fundamental constituents of the shaitaani dance and romp  event.  
Our appeal is that sisters should utilize their intelligence and understand that they are Daughters of Islam, and Imaan does not permit them to participate in immoral Satanism. On the subject of intelligence, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the Aql (Intelligence) of women is defective. But, deficiency in intelligence in the context of Rasulullah’s statement  does not mean ‘stupid’. The deficiency is characterized by haste, emotion and not being far-sighted. It is natural for women to make emotional decisions without  thinking of the ultimate consequences. However, if they apply their minds and  ruminate on a subject, they will understand the issue with clarity. Even Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) would at times consult with his wives on important issues.
We have  mentioned the factor of intelligence to remind Muslim women  that they are under divine obligation to utilize the Aql in the light of the Ahkaam (laws) and spirit of  Islam so that the haze of deception camouflaging the vile, satanic R60 event of  fisq and fujoor dissipates. Then they will see with clarity that this haraam  dancing event is pure shaitaanism on which the LA’NAT (CURSE) of Allah Ta’ala and His Malaaikah settles  every moment.
The Qabrustaan (Graveyard) is a desolate abode which reminds a person of  Maut (Death) and of the Aakhirah. It reminds one of the shortness of life and of the futility of its pursuits and objectives. It is an abode which draws the devotee closer to Allah Ta’ala. However, despite these wonderful spiritual benefits, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) forbade women from visiting the Qabrustaan in view of  emergence from the home being haraam for them. According to Divine Wisdom there is greater spiritual benefit for women to remain at home than visit  the graves. The severity of this prohibition  can be  understood from the fact that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Allah Ta’ala afflicts la’nat (curse) on women who visit the graveyard.
It is at this juncture that a Muslim woman should employ her intelligence. If she does, she will readily understand the villainy and the  Rijs (Filth in terms of the Shariah) of which this haraam, shaitaani R60 dancing party consists. When Allah’s curse descends on women who visit even a holy abode such as the Qabrustaan which facilitates  strengthening the bond with Allah Ta’ala, what does your Imaani Aql decree on the issue of  an exciting dance which is not meant for the ‘faint-hearted’  Daughters of Islam wrapped in Imaani Haya, about which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Haya (the modesty of the Muslim female) is a Branch of Imaan.” ?
Whilst the Qur’aan and the Sunnah emphasise  female concealment, the Devil’s  dancing event organized by  the agents of Shaitaan, raucously and lewdly  promote self and audacious expression which entails the total destruction of  the noble attribute of Haya which is the invaluable treasure bestowed to Muslim women by Allah Ta’ala.
The R60 dancing event is an exhibition of Jaahiliyyah severely castigated in the Qur’aan Majeed.  The agents of Shaitaan furthermore advertise in their programme of  fahsha’:  “Browse through a range of classy lingerie from Sella Vee and sleepwear from the rich shop” You will be browsing through a range of  Jahannum-wear. Never can the advertisers of such lewdism be Muslim. Haya is integral to Imaan. The event is pure Satanism. Allah Ta’ala, warning the Ummah against  such Satanism, states in  the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily, he is
your open enemy. Most certainly, he instructs you with
only  evil and immorality, and that you fabricate about
Allah, what you know not.”
For your own  benefit in this world and the Aakhirah, stay far away from this most evil and immoral R60 dancing event. It is not an event for the Daughters of Islam. It is  suited only for the munaafiqeen who pretend to be Muslim.

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