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The following is a letter from a Sister in the U.K. We are reproducing it verbatim. Not a word has been edited by us. There is no need for further comment on the butchery and savagery of the Barbarians of the western medical mafia.

Assalamu Alaikum

In response to the last majlis newsletter.

I recently read into this as a Muslim girl was brain dead. Somehow I ended up learning about organ donations.

That they need the patient to be alive for it to be effective.

That most organ donars are druggies etc so organs that are weak and full of toxins are transplanted to the recipient.

The recipient inherits the disease and dies many a time within 10 months.

The industry makes money because the deceased and their family cannot receive the money as it has been donated.

So the doctors get the money for the organs.

However the patient pays a lot of money and then dies.

Nurses were send from a place, I think Holland, to India to treat babies. Many came back traumatised as it seems they harvested live organs from babies. Where else do the organs come from when treating sick children in the west?

Doctors get away with it as now they term brain dead as really dead. Whereas common sense says that dead means when heart stops. However for some reason they have the go ahead unless the family challenges it.

Patients have woken up on the operating table as of course they are not dead they are just brain dead and that means their body is working on getting better.

Patients who woke up from such surgeries mentioned they knew what was going on and felt the pain but could not speak. They were fully aware of what is happening.

Wa Alaikumus salam

19 Jumaadiyuth Thaani 1440 (25 February 2019)

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