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A Durban Brother poses the following questions to which we have provided very brief answers:

I pray and make Dua that Allah keep you strong and healthy and may you continue with the good dawah work you doing and May Allah guide the ulama to follow the Sunnah and Quran in the manner you do and may the munafiqs and hypocrites not lead our ummah astray.

My Questions are as follows:

1) Q. Mufti Menk on his tour to Durban with the association of Muslim Schools, Alfalaah College, Orient and several other ‘islamic’ (satanic – The Majlis) schools, organised a spiritual bayaan for students. (It was a shaitaani bayaan, not a ‘spritual’ bayaan. This dajjaal paves the path to Jahannam. He is Shaitaan’s  agent – The Majlis)

t emerged that when Menk was called up, he said that they must remove the purdah or the partition between him and the girls/ladies as they are his sisters and children, as far as he is concerned there is nothing wrong in him giving a lecture without a purdah infront of women. (This is glaring evidence for the fact that this vile specimen of humanity or satanity is perhaps a real shaitaan in human form. Only a man who is obsessed  with perverted sex is so eager to  display his snout to females and to  be in direct contact with  the droves of faasiqaat who attended his corrupt ‘bayaans’ which are described in the Qur’aan Majeed as ‘Zukhruful Qaul’  -satanically adorned rubbish talk disguised with deeni hues-  The Majlis)

He requested that the  women do not video his bayaan. (This request is the effect of fear for the preservation of the evidence of his flagrant fisq and fujoor. If the fisq in which he is rotting had no shaitaani connotation, then why was he so scared for being photographed when he is a confirmed   egotistical narcissistic Iblees? This character is paranoid with nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat- The Majlis)

Lastly he kept on saying he is not a hypocrite like all the other ulama and he knows what he is doing is correct. (In fact, he is the worst munaafiq and zindeeq fielded by shaitaan to undermine the Deen. Nevertheless, we do agree with this dajjaal that the vast majority of the molvies are ‘hypocrites’. They are ulama-e-soo’, but of a lesser category than himself. - The Majlis)


1) The claim of the Menk dajjaal is tantamount to kufr. When Allah Ta’ala ordered a purdah (screen) between Rasululah’s wives and the Sahaabah should the latter need to speak to them, then who does this immoral, faasiq/faajir think he is? He is a genuine munaafiq (100% thoroughbred hypocrite spreading satanism), and the Ulama in Durban are all of the Dayyooth category for maintaining silence and tolerating the kufr of this agent of Iblees. 

2) Q. What is the ruling regarding an imam whose kurtah or jubbah goes lower than his ankles? The trouser generally doesn’t go lower than the ankles. What is the sunnah length of the kurta, jubbah and the trousers.


2) The Imaam whose garment is on or below his ankles is a faasiq. It is haraam to appoint such a person to be the Imaam. The same rule regarding the trousers applies to the jubbah/kurtah. The Sunnah length is midway between the ankles and the knees.

3) Q. Moulana Ahmed Chohan and Mufti Zubayr Bhayat have been alot in the media lately, they profess to be strictly following the Sunnah, Qur’aan and the Akaabireen, however, lately they have  been on radio and   Moulana Ahmed Chohan in videos on Youtube in  the Uk giving bayaans , on radio, and on different social media platforms, but they are the same ulema advising us that tv and all these other forms of social media is haraam. They seem to be more engaged with the wealthy and powerful people.

Also they are creating a commotion in the community in a very weird way by dividing the ummah in sects as Surtees, memons, cocknis etc. How do we as common people address these issues without being prejudiced or jeopardised in our masaajid.

For example: Masjid Swaliheen is run by Moulana Chohan - Surtee based trust and followers. Masjid Taqwa headed by Mufti Zubayr Bhayat --Surtee based trust and followers. Masjid-e-hilaal: Moulana Khatani and his followers --- Memon based.

These ulema are creating many problems, people are scared to confront them and speak about it. So what do we do as this will become a bigger problem in years to come.


3) Regardless of who the characters may be, whether Ulama or kings, it is the right and duty of all Muslims to proffer naseehat and to inform them of their wrongs and sins which they perpetrate publicly. If everyone adopts silence, then there is no remedy. The only way to deal with these deviant, hypocritical molvis is to state the Haqq to them. They can’t do you anything. We do not understand why you are scared of these zigzag characters who fabricate zigzag ‘fatwas’ by which they halaalize haraam. 

It is also important to understand that from the Shariah’s perspective there is nothing wrong if the trustees of a Musjid belong to a specific ethnic group. Allah Ta’ala has created all ethnic and racial groups.  While ethnicity may not be used for arrogance and despising members of other ethnic/racial groups, the cohesion in specific ethnic groups is a creation of Allah Ta’ala, and it is in fact a bounty. But it is haraam to misuse the Ni’maaat (Bounties) of Allah Ta’ala. Wealth is a ni’mat. Abusing the ni’mat of wealth or any other Divine Favour is satanic.

Therefore, it is improper to understand that it is wrong for the trustees of a Musjid to be from a specific ethnic group. If the Surtees or the Memons or any other group had established the Musjid and retained trusteeship (being the mutawallis) for themselves, then there is absolutely no conflict with the Shariah. As long as the trustees are Islamically qualified, they may retain their trusteeship.

The idea that the Musjid’s board of trustees must be cosmopolitan, stems from mental inferiority such as is being observed in the current political dispensation which has displaced the earlier oppressive regime. Islam does not subscribe to the ‘rainbow’ creed of the politicians. Trusteeship of a Musjid may be embedded in a specific family on a hereditary basis. The only condition is, Shar’i qualification.

4) Q. These Ulema and trustees are ill-treating the muazzins and African Imaams and forcing them to sign unethical contracts and forcing them to be unjust to themselves. The Ulema or Ameers are the brains and the trustees just the puppets.


4) The ‘brains’ and ‘hearts’ of the Ummah today are corrupt and diseased, hence the entire Ummah is diseased and corrupt. We all are in line for the universal Athaab of Allah Ta’ala.  Everyone is maintaining a devilish silence whilst the ship is on fire. It is set to sink soon. The root of the corruption of the Ummah is the fraternity of devilish molvis and sheikhs.

We are of the opinion that the trustees of the Musaajid are today the rotten ‘brains’ and the molvis are their puppets. These mercenary molvis who trade the Deen for a miserable price, dance to the tune of the wealthy trustees in expectation of gaining money and other haraam perks. They distort and misinterpret the Deen and they fabricate haraam fatwas to legalize the whimsical fancies and haraam desires of the wealthy class whom they serve.

Darush Shaitaan of Durban, headed by Zubair Bhayat, is in the forefront of bootlicking the wealthy. The KZN Jamiat does not lag far behind this evil molvi.

5) Q. Lastly the Saga of the Raza Academy (Ml Plamer) and Dawatiislami has now infiltrated Durban and they are taking over most of the masaajid and their followers are increasing in number, the musjids have become a place of videography, the imaams and congregants are wearing different colour turbans that have become an eyesore blue, green, yellow orange, purple and brown. They have now forcefully taken over a Masjid in Effingham under the auspices of Rafeek Hassen and Ml Palmer and Essop Hussein. The Masjid has also been burnt 3 weeks ago.


5) The Ulama, especially the Jamiatul Ulama Natal, are responsible for the evil infiltration into the Musaajid. Since the Ulama have totally abandoned their obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar, and are content to be the bootlickers of the wealthy, the deteriorating condition of the Musjid and community will be incremental. It will get worse.

28 Jumaadiyuth Thaani 1440 - 6 March 2019


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