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Respected Ulama

Assalamu Alaikum

SMS as received:

"Mujlisul Ulama Hilaal Committee confirms the moon for Rajab 1440 was sighted in Grobblershoop (N.Cape). 1 Rajab begins on 7 Mar 2019 at Maghrib."

And I got this conflicting report:

"The Hilaal for Rajab 1440 has NOT been sighted. The 1st Rajab will be Sat, 9th March 2019. Hilaal Comm. Jamiat KZN (UUCSA) 0836615687: via Bulk"

Your comments?

Please advise and clear the confusion. Shukran


There is no confusion in reality. The confusion is the fitnah of the Ahl-e-Baatil. If the Zig-Zag characters of the Ahl-e-Baatil clique have not sighted the hilaal, it does not follow that we did not sight it. We are not the poodles of these drones of baatil.

The sighting of the hilaal has been confirmed by us. Today is 1 Rajab 1440, 8 March 2019. Ignore the announcement of the Zig-Zag Jamiat of Natal and of bogus uucsa. They are the culprits creating confusion since they are a clique of the Ahl-e-Baatil. They do not know whether they are moving forward or reversing. This is because of all the carrion they devour and halaalize.

1 Rajab 1440 - 8 March 2019


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