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Response to the Jamiat's statement

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The KZN Jamiat, a poodle of the MJC and NNB jamiat, and a member of the bogus ‘uucsa’ paper organization consisting of a medley of fussaaq, qabar pujaaris and zanaadaqah, has been quick to issue a public statement on the Rajab hilaal issue at the behest of its handlers. 

In terms of the Shariah, hilaal announcements of the KZN Jamiat are unacceptable due to the fact that it (the KZN Jamiat) relies on the word and so-called ‘shahaadat’ (baseless in terms of the Shariah) of fussaaq and worse. The MJC sheikhs are unreliable in terms of the Shariah, hence their testimony is not valid. It is an established principle of the Shariah that the testimony/shahaadat of a faasiq is unacceptable. These MJC sheikhs and NNB jamiat molvis are worse than faasiqs. They are mudhilleen of the worst kind. 

Just recently the MJC sheikhs condoned and even justified worshipping the Hindu fire god at a haraam wedding ceremony. The seven circumambulations of the Hindu holy fire as an act of devotion to the fire god were condoned by sheikhs of the bogus uucsa body of which the KZN Jamiat is an affiliate. 

For the purposes of making hilaal announcements, the poodle Jamiat KZN requires a directive from this uucsa whose sheikhs were participants of the kufr-shirk wedding ceremony. Then they further issued statements to condone and justify their participation. The KZN Jamiat did not have a word of criticism for these sheikhs of kufr and shirk who are issuing the instructions. On the contrary, this miserable poodle jamiat finds it appropriate to be an affiliate of the enemies of Allah Ta’ala, dancing to their tune. 

The KZN Jamiat speaks stupidly of ‘protocol’ which only extracts mirth. Maulana Mas’ood Parker was under no obligation to provide shahaadah to the incompetent and unqualified poodle body. Furthermore, the KZN Jamiat demonstrates its own jahaalat by requesting ‘shahaadat’ via its stupid ‘shahaadat’ form. Shahaadat by letter or form is not valid. Shahaadat is validly delivered in person. 

The silly protocol of the KZN Jamiat permits it to accept the ‘shahaadat’ of fussaaq MJC and bogus uuccsa affiliates, but not the announcements of the Ulama-e-Haqq. Confirmation of the sighting was in the statements made by the Ulama-e-Haqq. The poodle molvis had full awareness of the confirmation. Their Molvi Ahmad Mohammedy was in contact with our man, with whom he always stays in contact, and he was thus fully aware that the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. had confirmed the sighting.  However, in order to fulfil the command of his fussaaq handlers it was ‘waajib’ upon him to act in line with stupid protocol which has no Shar’i significance. 

The ‘perspective’ of which the KZN Jamiat poodles speak in their statement is another laughable aspect of the stupid saga they have kicked up about nothing. The issue is the ‘confirmation of the hilaal’. The Shariah’s perspective does not require written confirmation. Confirmation by word is more than adequate. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) confirmed the sighting by a verbal statement of a total stranger – an illiterate village dweller upon his declaration of Imaan. If the uucsa sheikh who condoned the shirk of worshipping the Hindu fire god, and who happens to be bogus uucsa’s president, had to phone  Molvi Mohammedy and issue his directive regarding confirmation, then this Molvi, like a poodle, would have had no option but to lap up the disgorgement of the faasiq/zindeeq and concur with the confirmation. 

Molvi Mohammedy was fully aware that the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. had confirmed the sighting. The only reason for not accepting our confirmation was nafsaaniyat and orders of the fussaaq handlers. If Molvi Mohammedy feels that the Mujlisul Ulama has LIED on this hilaal issue, then he should take a Qasam in Allah’s Name that our confirmation is baseless in terms of the Shariah, and that he does not accept our word.  For him the word of those who condoned the shirk of worshipping the Hindu fire god has greater importance. 

A similar scenario is possible regarding the Ramadhaan and Eid hilaals. These bogus callers for unity are the very first to cause dissension with the unnecessary confusion they create at the behest of nafsaani objectives. 


While valid difference of opinion based on Shar’i grounds, is acceptable, difference on the based on stupid ‘protocol’ fabricated by fussaaq is unacceptable. Those who call for ‘unity’ even at the expense of compromising the Deen by accommodating baatil, have lost their sanity by creating dissension on an issue which is not in conflict with the Shariah and for which there is ample scope for acceptance. The only requisite for avoiding dissension on issues of this nature, is to overcome nafsaani objectives.

4 Rajab 1440 – 11 March 2019

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