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Objecting to a haraam merrymaking fund-raising dinner by SANZAF, an ex-member of this modernist organization writes:

They have millions.


Funds abused..

They have millions.

[This is the only Muslim community in the world that raises money for the poor and needy by offering it's donors a lavish 5 course meal.

This is wrong

R200 could feed a poor family for a week.

Post to all groups.

Photo and comments by Mr.M. Jadwat ex Sanzaf.

(End of Jadwat’s letter)


It is not permissible to eat this riba food of the merrymaking dinner. Merrymaking in haraam ways has become a standard practice of westernized Muslim communities. The objective is not to aid the poor. The shaitaani objective is nafsaani merrymaking. 

If there is Ikhlaas in the intention, people would contribute the R200 directly to some poor person, and for this purpose, it is not necessary to contribute the funds to a modernist body such as SANZAF. In fact, it is not permissible to contribute to any of these modernist bodies who indulge in fisq and fujoor. 

It is a shaitaani canard to convey that those who are participating in the merrymaking dinner devouring the riba and accursed food have the Fuqara and Masaakeen at heart. If they are sincere, and if their contributions were intended to be genuine Sadqah for gaining Allah’s Pleasure, they would not exchange their lousy R200 for a plate or two of accursed food. These dinners are shaitaani stunts designed by Iblees to increase the culture of fisq and fujoor in which affluent Muslim communities excel. 

This is the reality of all Muslim communities all over the world. Allah Ta’ala has therefore opened His doors of Athaab for Muslims. The Divine Punishment is overtaking this Ummah in a variety of ways.  A very recent way is the carnage and massacre in the “Open’ Musjid of New Zealand. Insha-Allah, we shall comment further on these issues which invite the Wrath and Chastisement of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

10 Rajab 1440 -17 March 2019


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