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Bootlicking has become one of the worst diseases from which Muslims are suffering today. It is indeed incredible that the so-called ‘Madrasah Tarteelul Quraan’ has invited the non-Muslim president of the country to join for Jumuah Salaat. 

If this unfortunate, miserable qari ismail aziz who dubs himself ‘khaadimul madrasah’, believes that it is permissible for the non-Muslim to join the Jumuah Salaat and  that such mock ‘salaat’ is valid, then he has taken leave from Islam. He has, on this basis, become a murtadd. 

It is also surprising and lamentable that the community in Pietermaritzburg is condoning this haraam, evil misdeed of this miscreant qari who makes a mockery of the Qur’aan Majeed, of Salaat and of the Deen. It is haraam for Muslims to participate in the circus and mock function which this jaahil qari and his cohorts have organized. Shaitaan has vermiculated their brains with his urine. The curse of Allah Ta’ala settles on villains of this type who mismanipulate the Deen for the fulfilment of their nafsaaniyat. 

Shaitaan has indeed urinated in the hearts of these juhala fussaaq who nullify their Imaan with kufr which they adorn with ‘deeni’ hues. These villains who mutilate the Deen and ruin the Imaan of the ignorant masses with their convoluted satanism are as Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The worst of people under the canopy of the sky.” They breed nothing but fitnah – fitnah which will hem them in. It will choke them at the time of Maut, and even much earlier. There is nothing but La’nat for them. 

What has happened to the Ulama in Pietermaritzburg and Durban? Is there not a single one to speak up for the Haqq? Indeed the Deen is today Ghareeb as Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had predicted: 

“Islam began ghareeb (forlorn, strange, without friends and helpers). Soon shall it return to being ghareeb. Therefore good tidings for the Ghuraba.”

In the context of the Hadith, the Ghuraba are those who firmly uphold the Sunnah. About them, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:


“Then there shall dawn an age when the one who holds on to the Deen will be like the one who holds on to a burning coal.”

The Ulama who retreat into silence and adopt satanic interpretations to justify the haraam invitation to the non-Muslim to participate in the Jumuah Salaat should now understand why Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) described them as DUMB DEVILS. 

“He who adopts silence regarding the Haqq is a dumb shaitaan.” 

The following letter from Pietermaritzburg is reproduced without a word having been edited:

Our Community in PMB is in shock by this.  How can a non Muslim deliver the Kutbah  or give a talk at peak jummah time – this is a person who consumes haraam and alcohol –

Mehmood Oumar chased a Hafiz or Moulana without a beard from this very Mussallah and today they bring a non muslim to deliver Kutbah or give a talk at Jummah time.   He eats haraam and consumes Alcohol  - It will be nonsense to say that he “could come into Islam”  - Unless he attains Shahadah then can he be allowed to enter Allah’s house. what if he consumed alcohol the day before.

Further we were taught not to attend the funeral of non muslims and that Non Muslims are to be far from us – politics is one of the real ways to test our imaan.

What we would like to know is how can Moulana Zakarriya Patel allow this as I called him and he is very OK with him – I have proof of my conversation with him.

We turn to Ulama to guide us and our children and to warn them that non muslims are not of us and now this.

Please advise if this is correct.


18 Rajab 2019 (25 March 2019)

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