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In response to our criticism of the function organized by Madrasah Tarteel Academy of Pietermaritzburg, a brother writes:

As salaam alaykum 

Respected Mufti 

I have read your article regarding the quraan Academy hosting SA president on a Juma day and at Juma time, where he will address the congregation. 

I would like to bring the ffg to your attention 

The area demarcated for this Juma is not a musjid it is a the musallah of the Madrasah.

The request was from the president and not from the Madrasah

The general ulama and even the teachers of the Madrasah are opposed to this visit at this time. 

Whether the above makes a difference to your normally one sided opinion is left up to you, but I want to know why have you not presented a shred of proof from Quran and Sunnah to prove your point,ie of the impermissibity of this action of hosting a kaafir at Juma time or impermissible to give a kaafir to talk  at a press Juma lecture 

Kindly respond with relevant proofs.

(End of letter)


Regardless of the venue being the musalla of the Madrasah. The function should not be in conjunction with Jumuah Salaat. The Madrasah’s letter clearly mentions that the president “will be joining us for the Jumuah Salaah”. What impression does this convey? 

Daleel is not required to understand that a non-Muslim may not be allowed to join in the Salaat. It is not permissible for a Muslim junubi to be present in the room where the mayyit is. To a greater degree will the presence of such a person be intolerable in the musalla during Salaat. The Malaaikah flee from people in the state of janaabat even if the person happens to be a Muslim. 

The president’s address will take the place of the usual pre-khutbah bayaan. This is not permissible. Such honour may not be bestowed to even a Muslim who is a faasiq. 

If the president had requested to address the Muslim community, a hall should have been acquired for the purpose. It should not be in a Musjid / Madrasah / Ibaadat venue and environment.

It is necessary for the Ulama to publicly state the Haqq. We are not saying that they should be disrespectful to the president. However, they are required to bring pressure on the organizers of this function to change the venue and time. It should not have a religious flavour. 

A Muslim does not require to present any Qur’aanic verse or any Hadith to prove that fornicating with a dog is haraam; or honouring a faasiq is haraam; or vaccinating is haraam, etc., etc. If you lack the knowledge to understand the obvious, then conceal your ignorance with silence. You lack knowledge of the Qur’aan and Hadith, hence you speak drivel, and it is stupid to present proof to an unqualified person. 

You concede that “the general ulama and even the teachers of the Madrasah are opposed to this visit at this time.” Ask them all for their proof. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Seek a fatwa from your heart.” Those opposed to the function have understood the error whilst you and your cohorts are enamoured by the V.I.P gentleman. It appears that you are one of the bootlickers.

19 Rajab 2019 - 26 March 2019


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