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Because there is no aggrandizement, no limelight, no Yahood and Nasaara to bootlick in this case! The victims are poor, illiterate village folk, off the beaten track, hence no disingenuous dust and smoke is kicked up in bootlicking functions for gratifying nafsaani lusts. 

More than 130 people were killed in an attack on a village in central Mali on Saturday by armed men wearing traditional Dogon hunters' clothing.

Gunmen surrounded the village at dawn before attacking people in their homes in Ogossagou in the Mopti region.

The attackers targeted members of the Fulani ethnic community who are accused of having ties to jihadists.

The attack took place while UN ambassadors were in Mali to discuss increased violence.

The Security Council mission met Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga to talk about the increased threat from jihadist fighters in central Mali.

The victims of Saturday's deadly attack were "killed with guns and machetes", a local security official told AFP news agency.

Witnesses also told AFP that nearly all the huts in the village had been burned down.

The mayor of the neighbouring village of Ouenkoro, Cheick Harouna Sankare, described the attack as a "massacre".

Clashes between Dogon hunters and semi-nomadic Fulani herders can occur over access to land and water.

The Dogon also accuse Fulanis of ties to jihadist groups. The Fulanis claim that Mali's military has armed the hunters to attack them.

Last year, hundreds of people died in clashes between Dogon hunters and members of the Fula ethnic group.

On Friday, a Mali-based al-Qaeda affiliate said it had carried out an attack last week on a military base that left more than 20 soldiers dead.

The militants said it was in response to violence against Fulani herdsmen.

One Ogossagou resident, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters news agency that Saturday's violence appeared to be in retaliation for the attack on the soldiers. From the BBC (End of report)

While considerable dust has been kicked up regarding Allah’s Punishment for the New Zealand Muslims, the morons who are deriving nafsaani pleasure from their public shows and hollow demonstrations of ‘solidarity’, etc., are ominously silent about the greater massacre in Mali. While this too is an Athaab of Allah Ta’ala, and on a greater scale than the New Zealand massacre, the zindeeq morons do not shed even a teardrop, not open their vile mouths in sympathy with the Muslims hacked to death and countless others injured. There is no nafsaani benefit for them in even thinking of the Mali massacre, hence the silence.


The insincerity of those who sympathize with the New Zealanders, but sweep the Mali massacre under the carpet, is conspicuous and loud. All of these miserable characters have no genuine concern for the suffering Muslims. Their motive is to only promote themselves, aggrandizement and other contemptible nafsaani agendas.

19 Rajab 2019 - 26 March 2019


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