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Some ulama ask: 

Question: Is it wrong and forbidden for Muslims to meet the president of the country even if he is a non-Muslim? We are citizens of this country. Should we dissociate altogether from the authorities? The Muslim community has needs which only the authorities are able to attend to. Is it then not necessary for Muslims to interact with the government? In our opinion it is improper to spurn the request of the president to meet the Muslim community. Please comment and advise.


At no stage did we advocate that the president should be spurned or disrespected. Such attitude will obviously be impermissible. The problem with most people is that they read our articles and criticism superficially or with bias which precludes them from correctly understanding the thrust of our naseehat. 

We did not say that it is not permissible to meet and discuss with the president or any other official of the government. Our criticism was directed to the person/s who had organized the meeting. We clearly mentioned that the venue and time chosen were grossly improper. We do not know if the qaari of the Madrasah had consulted with the Ulama at his end before arranging the meeting. 

The Musalla and the occasion of Jumuah are solely for the Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala. It is haraam to contaminate Ibaadat with mundane activities and objectives. Even if the needs of the Muslim community are connected with non-Muslim politics as is the case all over the world even in all Muslim countries, interaction with the authorities must necessarily be maintained on a mudane platform and not be used to contaminate pure acts of Ibaadat.  Politics and its ambassadors must necessarily be separated from the Deen. Government and politics of the country are not Islamic. Almost every facet of government is un-Islamic, from top to bottom. Ibaadat should not be contaminated with kufr. 

The Jumuah Salaat is a lofty act of Ibaadat solely for Allah Ta’ala. But the qaari of the Madrasah seeks to improperly utilize this holy occasion for purposes of aggrandizement which the publicity promises him. What constrained the miscreant qaari to have requested the non-Muslim president to give the pre-khutbah bayaan in the Musalla? Does he not have any Aql? His aql comes within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat:

“Thus, does He (Allah) cast rijs on those who lack aql.”

The intelligence of those who do not apply their minds correctly within the confines of the Shariah, will be soiled with divinely-inflicted rijs. Then they adopt haraam measures and attempt to stupidly and baselessly justify their egregious errors with Ta’weel Baatil.

If the president had requested to meet the leaders of the community – we do not know if this qaari is a leader of the community in the city – another venue and time should have been arranged. Some leaders of the community can meet him at such a venue. There is no need for a public meeting. The objective of a public meeting is simply to give a ‘bayaan’, which will be a mundane lecture. It is not permissible for Muslims to participate in such kinds of lectures. Matters of importance should be discussed with the leaders of the community at a venue other than a Musjid/Musalla/Madrasah. It is haraam to generate political capital and gratify the riya lust of the nafs from acts of Ibaadat. The qaari’s arrangement smacks of riya and this riya is a kind of shirk in view of contaminating Ibaadat with the dunya. 

What affinity or relationship is there between the Jumuah Ibaadat and the president? The organizers of the function suffer from the disease of bootlicking. Hubb-e-Dunya (love of the world) which is the root of all evils, has constrained them to mismanipulate the Jumuah Ibaadat for worldly capital.

20 Rajab 2019 - 27 March 2019


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