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Muhtaram Qari Ahmed Saeed writes: 

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Respected Mufti Saheb.

Please investigate this matter. 

Islamic Watchdog Movement 

RE: SANZAF/Masakhane Girls School 

A recent article which appeared in the Al-Qalam newspaper has sparked the attention of the Islamic Watchdog Movement – Girls at Muslim School get R1.5m fees paid. 

The article explained that SANZAF, together with the Willowton Group, have donated a sum of R1.5 million towards the tuition of 55 girls at the Masakhane Girls Private Boarding School– that calculates to a total of R 27 272 each. 

I contacted the principal of the school, one of the directors in charge of the school and various representatives of SANZAF (including a Trustee of SANZAF who is directly involved in the Masakhane school), and these were my findings: 

• The Masakhane School is a private boarding facility. 

• They receive funding from the Al-Maktoum Trust which goes towards the basics such as utilities, salaries, etc. 

• As per the article, a government subsidy is also received, however I was advised that the funding has been revoked since 2018. This due to the school having a pass rate of just under 54% in 2018. 

• As per the SANZAF manager, the current cost per child per year at Masakhane School is approximately R40 000 per year, synonymous of any other private institution. 

As per the SANZAF manager, the funding of R1.5 million was given to SANZAF to locate a school who is ‘very needy’. How is a PRIVATE SCHOOL, who estimates a cost of R40 000 per child per annum, deemed as ‘very needy’?

What criteria does SANZAF use when their Shura Committee sits with an application of this magnitude to agree to such a formidable amount for an average performing institution?

Does SANZAF subsidize private tuition fees? Does this mean that school going students at public facilities now have a platform to apply for private tuition fees? 

I met with representatives of SANZAF today (22/03/2019) and due to the absence of the Manager, my questions could not be answered. I have requested a breakdown of how these funds will be utilized as the article advises that it will go towards school fees for the year for 55 students, however I was advised that this amount will be directed at infrastructure and technological assets, I have not yet received any feedback. 

Qarie Ahmed Saeed.

(End of Qaari Sahib’s letter)

We have for decades warned Muslims to avoid all modernist organizations when paying their Zakaat. These modernists are not fettered to the Shariah. They employ their unbridled opinion to formulate ‘fatwas’ of kufr and baatil to justify their haraam expenditure. 

The Zakaat funds utilized for these secular school projects are not validly discharged in terms of the Shariah. The Fuqara and Masaakeen have a prior right to Zakaat. Millions of Fuqara and Masaakeen are struggling for food all over the world while SANZAF squanders the Zakaat funds of the community on haraam secular projects. 

The R1.5 million Zakaat diverted to the luxury secular project remains undischarged.

20 Rajab 2019 - 27 March 2019


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