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A Society of Lesbians



Please comment on the following message being circulated by a Society of Lesbians. It is a mystery how these lesbians can believe themselves to be Muslims. What is their status in Islam? Are any of the views they have expressed valid in the Shariah?


The society of lesbians is a group of vile vixen masquerading as Muslims. These vile termagants have no share in Islam. Whoever believes lesbianism, homosexuality or any sin to be permissible is undoubtedly a murtad, if he/she had professed to be a Muslim.


The views expressed by this immoral society of lesbians are the inspirations of Iblees. Was it not for the confusion which these she-devils create by masquerading as Muslims, there would have been no need to respond and refute the dung they excrete from their mouths. However, in the community there are such juhala Muslims, especially among the females, we are quickly ensnared by the traps of shaitaan who has fielded this society of lesbians to propagate his villainy of filth and immorality.


Hereunder we reproduce the views of the society of lesbians. Their statements appear in italics while our comments are in bold print.


The society of lesbians says in its satanic message:

GIRLS: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: The Nikkah Nama is a social contract basically.


The Nikah itself is a Deeni act of ibaadat. The written contract is merely for future reference in case of need. A booklet on the Nikah contract is available. Whoever is interested may write for the booklet. – The Majlis)


The society of lesbians says:

And the reason the girls have to sign it first is because at the end of it you get a pretty big blank space to write down any extra conditions you want and the guy HAS to follow it all legally.


There is no imperative need for the girl to sign the nikah certificate. It is signed by the girl’s representative. In 99.9% of nikahs, the girl is never present. It is stupid to claim that the girl has to first sign the certificate. There is no ‘blank’ space at the end of the certificate for enabling the girl to stipulate ‘extra conditions’ as the group of lesbians claim. It is baseless and false to claim that the groom is obliged to accept the conditions which the girl or her parents wish to stipulate. If there are any stipulations, these are by mutual agreement in a separate document, not in the nikah certificate. The lesbians are stupid she-devils. –The Majlis)

The society of lesbians says:

You know how they make you sign the whole "do you want the right to divorce or not?", clause? Yea that is an addition they make. You can literally add in anything there, pocket money, divorce conditions, house work, your own job details/requirements or any other kind of commitment.


These claims are false- blatant lies. The bride or her parents have no right to unilaterally impose any conditions whatsoever on the groom. Any Islamically lawful conditions will be valid only by mutual agreement, and these will be in a separate document, not on the nikah certificate. The man is under no Shar’i obligation to accept any of the conditions the woman desires.—The Majlis)

The society of lesbians says:

At the time of the Nikkah of Hazrat Fatima and Hazrat Ali (R.A), the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) added the clause that Hazrat Ali (R.A.) could not remarry as long as Hazrat Fatima (R.A.) was still alive. Huh? Huh? HUH?!? See? How smart is that? And many times people don't tell you this, but it is a right given to you by Allah Himself, and do not let anyone, i repeat, DO NOT LET ANYONE TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU.


This is stupid – nonsense which the faajraat, murtaddaat lesbians have sucked out from their thumbs. Their stupidity is conspicuously exhibited by the fact that these lesbians do not know how to even pronounce nikah, hence they write ‘nikkah’.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not add the clause which the lesbians have falsely claimed. There was no written certificate or document at the time of Hadhrat Faatimah’s nikah. There was no such conditions allegedly stated by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) at the time of the nikah. But a special shaitaani talent of lesbians is kithb (lies- to speak lies and falsehood). – The Majlis)

The society of Lesbians says:

Other fun facts include:

1.  The money you make from your job, is YOUR money. Your husband cannot take it from you or ask you for it or whatever. It is YOURS. And YOU are not inclined to spend it on the house or anything other than yourself.


Firstly, a woman may not take on a job whether outside the home or inside the home without her husband’s permission. If the husband permits her to earn, then it is correct that whatever she earns belongs to her. It is her property. Furthermore, it is haraam for the husband to allow his wife to work outside the home. The husband may not take her earnings from her.  But it is stupid to say that he cannot ask her for money. Just as any other person may borrow from her so too may the husband borrow from her or ask her for a gift. While he may not compel her, he can ask her.

Furthermore, it is not permissible for a wife to spend her money without consulting with her husband. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) instructed that a woman should consult with her husband even regarding her own wealth. What the lesbians propound is utter rubbish.

The wife is allowed by the Shariah to spend her wealth on the house if she is inclined to do so. The husband cannot demand that she maintains the house, but if she desires to do so, it is perfectly permissible.

The shaitaani cartel of Lesbians says:

2. The husband HAS to pay you a pocket money for personal expenses outside of what he gives you for the monthly budget and what not.


Pocket-money is not compulsory. It is advisable. The wife does not have the right to demand pocket-money. A good husband will give her pocket-money of his own free will. But it is not a Shar’i right of the wife.

The group of stinking Faajiraat Lesbians says:

3. When you breast feed your child, you have the right to ask your husband to pay for it, and he cannot deny that to you. It is your right.


It is the Waajib obligation of the woman to breastfeed her baby. She does not pay for the milk. She may not charge for breast-feeding her own baby. Demanding payment for breast-feeding her own baby is not a right she possesses. She may not become a mercenary as are these immoral lesbians and prostitutes.

The immoral lesbians say:

4. Consent to intimacy and the level of intimacy is also your right. Even in a marriage. And if he does not take your consent, it is marital rape and is recognised in the court of law.


This is the mentality of lesbians and prostitutes. The wife does not have the immoral right to which the lesbians refer. Demanding intimacy is the Shar’i right of the husband. If she refuses, it will legally in terms of the Shariah, be permissible for the husband to issue Talaaq.

“Marital rape” is a satanic concept which shaitaan has urinated into the brains of the kuffaar. It is an abhorrent concept which has no room in the Shariah.  There is no such satanism in Islam. The ‘court of law’ to which the evil lesbians refer is a kuffaar court of law.

The lesbian prostitutes say:

5. You are under no obligation to give any of your heritage to your husband and neither can he force you to give him any part in your will or your heritage.


The moron lesbians by ‘heritage’ most probably mean inheritance. No one has ever claimed that the husband has a right over his wife’s inheritance. Her inheritance belongs solely to herself.


Blurting out another stupidity the group of Lesbians says:

6. In Islam, the man is to pay for the wedding out of his own pocket. Not the girl, not the girl's family and not the guy's family either. The guy himself. To whatever extent he is capable of spending, that is his job.


The ignorance of these lesbians is ludicrous and appalling. In Islam there is no wedding function. There is nothing to pay for. The man is required to pay only the Mehr. The lesbians are confusing haraam customs with the Shariah. Wedding customs come in a variety of satanic forms. Nations have their own different forms of satanism. Satanic wedding customs have no relationship with Islam.

The man is required by Islam to only organize a simple Walimah feast. A few relatives, friends and poor Muslims have to be given a meal. Even if only half a dozen persons are given a meal at the home of the man, the Walimah Sunnat will be fulfilled. The Nikah comes with no other Sunnah expense whatsoever.

The moron group of lesbians says:

7. THERE IS NO CONCEPT OF DAHEJ (Dowry) and you can sue/ file a report against any family who asks you or demands you or your family to give money or any other form of material possession as "marital gifts".

And these are just some of the many rights we have as women.


Whatever the silly, satanic concept of ‘dahej’ may mean, it is NOT ‘dowry’ as stupidly averred by the lesbians. Dowry or Mehr is the right of the wife. There is no such custom as ‘dahej’ in Islam. Further, the name of the haraam Indian custom is jahez, not ‘dahej’. The lesbians have presented this custom as if the Ulama are peddling it as an Islamic requisite.

It is palpably clear that these moron lesbians have no idea of the rights of women in Islam. The Nikah comes without the encumbrances stupidly asserted by the society of lesbians. While lawful conditions may be mutually agreed on, these will be the terms in a separate contract which cannot be imposed on the man.  A social contract is not a right which the woman can unilaterally impose on the man. Such a contract comes into being by agreement of the parties, and the terms are not ‘rights’ of the woman.

The rights of the woman created by the Nikah are the Mehr (dowry), Nafqah (house expenses), Saknah (residence) and conjugal rights. In return for these rights, the imperative condition/obligation on the woman is Habs fid daar, i.e. to be restricted within the confines of the home. If she violates this imperative condition, and leaves the house to roam about without the permission of her husband, the obligation of Nafqah falls away from the husband.


(1)   It is of vital importance for Muslim women who are not lesbians and prostitutes to understand that the husband has been appointed the master and leader, and they are obliged by Islam to remain in obedience to their husbands in all wishes and instructions which are not in conflict with the Shariah.  The fact that they may not engage in Nafl fasting without the consent of the husband should provide adequate insight on the issue of the status of men and women. These lesbians are faajiraat, murtaddaat and kaafiraat. They are destined for Jahannam.


(2)   Regarding premarital contracts, it is advisable, in fact necessary, nowadays for women who marry foreigners to insist that the future husband signs a Tafweedhut Talaaq document in which he delegates the right of issuing Talaaq to either the woman or to some senior member of her family or to the local Ulama Council.


Many women have been abandoned by the wretched foreign husbands who marry for mundane objectives, primarily to gain residence rights. They desert the women without issuing Talaaq.  Annulling such marriages becomes problematic and time-consuming.


(3)   A divorced woman who is dissatisfied with the Shariah’s dispensation pertaining to expenses and custody of  children, hence resorts to the kuffaar courts for resolution, loses her Imaan. She becomes a murtaddah.


(4)   Muslim lawyers who assist women to gain boodle, etc. with the aid of the kuffaar courts, in total conflict with the Shariah, also lose their Imaan. They become murtad. It is the Waajib obligation of Muslims lawyers to advise women who come to them, to accept the ruling of the Shariah.

7 Ramadhaan 1440 – 13 May 2019


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