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A cartel of faasiqaat, faajiraat and zaaniyaat is shamelessly organizing a haraam zina party at the beach during this sacred month of Ramadhaan thereby making a horrendous mockery of the Deen and of  the auspiciousness of this glorious Month of Ramadhaan. 

This vile group of faahishaat even has the shameless audacity of citing the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to justify the haraam zina party together with the shayaateen who assemble at the beachfront at the time of sunset. Even if the devils are in chains during the Month of Ramadhaan, it is haraam to organize a haraam party and to be present at the haunt of the devils.

The effects of satanism are present in the dens of the devils where these vile vixens will be having their haraam zina party. At a time when Muslim men should be in the Musjid for Maghrib Salaat, and women in their homes, these vile vixen and vermin will be celebrating and making merry with their zina  party in shaitaan’s den at the beach. 

Every step in this party is haraam, even the food, the mock ‘salaat’. Only shaitaan is capable of urinating in the brains of these miserable vixen the idea of a merrymaking party at the beachfront during the Holy Month of Ramadhaan. While these evil grimalkins labour to entrap stupid and immoral men and women to participate in their merrymaking haraam beach party, thinking Muslims are revolted by the very idea of this zina scenario in Ramadhaan at the holy time of Iftaar. Brains and knowledge are not requisites for understanding the evil of this type of party. Only healthy Imaan is sufficient. 

Only those who have an affinity with satanism derive pleasure from merrymaking at a beach at the time of sunset. This is the time when the shayaateen assemble at the sea. All the participants will be under shaitaani and nafsaani influence. Even ignorant Muslims should cudgel their brains to understand the evil and satanism of this haraam zina beach party. It is never permissible to attend this evil party.

14 Ramadhaan 1440 – 20 May 2019


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