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An Aalim writing on behalf of some Musallis and two Trustees/Governing Council members of Musjid Munsoor in Malabar, presents the following lament of these concerned Musallis of Musjid Munsoor:

Please see the poster being sent around and advertised by Muhammad Badsha, for a satanic event he is planning for the 24th of August? I have attached it to this email for Maulana.

He is bringing this man from Cape Town, who calls himself "MJ Li", to do a "Tai Chi Demonstration" for Muslim male and female students at Madressah Mansoor.

The entire event that the Badsha character is organising is vile and Mal`oon. Tai Chi, like Yoga, is not simply some "exercise for meditation"; it is a Religious act of the Chinese. Tai Chi is part of Taoism. Every movement executed in Tai Chi and Yoga has religious connotations. It is Haraam and Kufr to take part in Yoga or Tai Chi; yet, not only is this so-called "Maulana" organising and promoting an act of Kufr and Shirk, but he is having it take place in a Madressah where students are supposed to be learning the Kalaam of Allaah Ta`aalaa, acquiring `Ilm of Deen. He is having this act of Haraam, Kufr and Shirk take place next to a Masjid. This man is wholly ensnared in the Talbees of Shaytaan. Today he is organising for this Shirk to take place NEXT to the Masjid, but it is only a matter of days before he and his ilk bring it into the Masjid itself. They will bring Kaafirs to perpetrate acts of unadulterated Kufr and Shirk right in the House of Allaah Ta`aalaa, which is meant for Salaah. 

This "Molvi" does not possess the faintest idea of what a Masjid is or what a Madressah is, hence he uses Masjid and Madressah grounds to organise Haraam events.

This Shirk event is further compounded by the fact that he wants women to attend as well. He writes on the poster, "Parents welcome", which means he wants the mothers of the students to attend as well, in addition to the female students who will be watching.

He also advertises some lectures which will be given at Taqwa and Mansoor, saying, "Ladies facilities at both venues." The absolute nifaaq and ridiculousness of this is staggering. Women can't come to the Masjid for Salaah but they can come to the Masjid for some "lecture" about "the history of Islaam in China"? Of what significance is the "history of Islaam in China" that women should come to attend it, when they cannot even attend the Masjid for the Fardh Salaah which is the Pillar of the Deen?

This "Molvi" Badsha, however, is accustomed to organising these Haraam, un-Islaamic events. Shaytaan leads them on, step by step. In certain Masaajid in the UK and America, they already have - for a long time now - TVs in the Masjid, and people sit around watching sports in the Masjid itself. These "Molvis" like Badsha, who organise events of Kufr and Shirk, will very soon bring TVs into the Masaajid as well.

They stupidly claim that they are organising such events at the Masaajid to "encourage the youth to attend the Masjid". This is urinated into their ears by Shaytaan. We do not host Haraam and Kufr events just to "bring the youth to the Masjid", because in such a case there is no sense in their coming to the Masjid just to defile it. It is equivalent to a person saying he will bring prostitutes, strippers, into the Masjid "to encourage the youth to come to the Masjid."

On a daily basis, these Molvis attempt to destroy the Deen of Allaah Ta`aalaa, bit by bit.

End of the complaint and lament of the Musallis of the Musjid.


One of the vilest members of the Cartel of Shayaateen who has darkened  this City is this faasiq/faajir Badsha character whom the bunch of idiots in control of Musjid Munsoor have hired to be the imam of the Musjid.  This shaitaanul ins (human devil) has converted the Musjid into a cinema and a circus with his haraam activities and antics. 

Although the presence of this villainous character is extremely lamentable, especially since totally unfit idiots have hired the shaitaani mercenary to be the imam, it must be expected. The idiots have granted the devil a platform from which to operate his pernicious scheme for the destruction of the Deen. We are in the era in close proximity to Qiyaamah, and among the signs of Qiyaamah according to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), is the preponderance of the worst types of scoundrels who will masquerade as ‘ulama’. These so-called molvis who undermine and destroy the Deen are in reality Qiradah (Apes) and Khanaazeer (Swines). 

Their brains have already been deranged by the touch and urine of Iblees and their hearts have assumed the forms of the hearts of apes and swines, hence this shaitaan in human form (the wretched imam of the Musjid) is hell-bent on introducing functions of fisq, fujoor and kufr in the Musjid. The idiot trustees of the Musjid are aiding and abetting the shaitaan in the furtherance of his shaitaaniyat (satanism). 

The evil and the kufr of the ‘kungfu’ shaitaaniyat and kufr being perpetrated at the Musjid, be it in the madrasah, is a sure sign of Qiyaamah. This miserable Ibleesi imam and the miserable idiot trustees of the Musjid have been chosen by Allah Ta’ala to execute the satanism which is among the signs of Qiyaamah. This fact portrays the Divine Curse on all of them. 

Their brains and hearts are so much disfigured that they have become completely blind to the evil, fisq, fujoor and kufr they are organizing and facilitating under Deeni guise. This shaitaan in human form audaciously and with colossal insensitivity to the pains and miseries which Muslims in Varkland (China) are suffering, advertises ‘China’. He further compounds his shaitaani villainy by preparing the stepping stones for ZINA. He invites females to participate in the swinery he is organizing. 

Only women who are totally lewd having the tendencies of prostitutes and lesbians will be present at the haraam circus show organized by the haraam imam who has defiled the Musjid on a regular basis with his cinema and circus activities, all offered to the public in the name of the Deen. If any of the idiot trustees have any true concern for the Deen, they should give this Ibleesi imam the boot. It is not permissible to have such a vile faasiq to be the imam of a Musjid. The very Imaan of this miserable Badsha character is suspect. It is best that people should not perform Salaat behind him. He has become an open enemy of the Deen just as shaitaan is an open enemy. 

The fake ‘separation’ arranged for boys and girls is just a shaitaani stratagem in the process leading to zina. While the Qur’aan Majeed commands: “Do not come near to zina.”, this khinzeer ‘imam’ propagates practically the exact opposite. The Shariah prohibits women from the Musjid for Salaat even if they are clad and thoroughly concealed in old, ugly outer-cloaks, but this Ibleesi character, in rejection of the Qur’aanic prohibition, and the Shariah’s prohibition, invites girls dressed in satanic finery and perfumed like adulteresses to pollute the Musjid environ by participating in an evil circus show of fisq, fujoor and kufr. 

Attending the kufr circus kungfu show is HARAAM. Allah’s la’nat (curse) will settle on all the organizers, participants and facilitators of this evil show organized by the evil faasiq-faajir Badsha character who masquerades as an Aalim when in reality he is a JAAHIL agent of Shaitaan-in-Chief.

29 Zul Qa’dh 1440 – 1 August 2019

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