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What is the ruling of the Shariah regarding barbers who massage females? In Hawarthia Drive, Malabar, there is a barber who would first cut only men’s hair. He then degenerated to cutting women’s hair. Now he even massages women.

Also of great concern is that some moulanas and turbaned tablighis lustfully sit side by side with these women without batting an eyelid. What does Islam say about this barber and these so-called men of the Deen who are able to tolerate such brazen haraam misdeeds, and even derive   lustful pleasure?


They are not men of the ‘Deen’. All of them – the vile barber and the molvis and turbaned tablighis – are of the progeny of Iblees. As for the barber he is a murtad. He believes that his acts of zina are halaal whilst in reality every zina step he takes believing it to be halaal, is kufr. The molvis and tablighis who grace the devil’s barbershop are fujjaar of the worst order. They are party to zina in the making.


When molvis, not only maintain silence in the face of flagrant fisq and fujoor being committed in the public domain, but derive haraam bestial and carnal pleasure  from the barbers immoral acts of fisq, fujoor and kufr, then there is no doubt in their own fisq and fujoor. They are fussaaq and fujjaar in terms of the Shariah. Their beards and turbans are extremely deceptive. These ‘deeni’ louts and scoundrels are bereft of the haziest idea of Deen. They are among the munaafiqeen while the barber is a murtad.

It is haraam for Muslims to visit the haraam barbershop which according to the Shariah is akin to a brothel. It is haraam to have one’s hair cut by the filthy hands of the murtad barber. It is haraam to have any kind of Muslim ties with this evil, shaitaani barber. Muslims should not invite Allah’s Curse on themselves by sitting in that evil barbershop which has become a venue for promoting zina.


We are living in the era in which the Signs of Qiyaamah are increasingly materializing by the day. The degeneration of the Muslim community into the cauldron of immorality is ample testification for the villainous and immoral conduct of this evil barber and his scoundrel molvi and tablighi clients.


This immoral state of affairs which has obliterated the Imaani conscience of Muslims is a sure Sign of the Impending Athaab of Allah Ta’ala. The rot of the community is now absolute. No one is deriving lesson from the heart-rending and miserable plight of the Muslims of Syria, Burma, Kashmir, etc. Eyes will open only when Allah’s Athaab is unleashed. But then it will be too late. Then no amount of duas and wazifahs will help.


“Beware of such a punishment which will not befall only the transgressors among you.” (Qur’aan)


The universal Punishment of Allah Ta’ala will take in its wake even the buzrugs, the molvis and the tablighis because all of them are hypocrites, hence they derive lustful pleasure from public acts of zina as the zina perpetrated by the scoundrel barber.

19 Safar 1441 – 18 October 2019


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