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Corona Virus Fears

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Brothers from U.K., Europe and elsewhere ask: “What are the Shariah’s directives regarding Muslims who die with coronavirus?”

Although this question is silly and uncalled for, the gross jahaalat of Muslims coupled to their extreme deficiency of Imaan constrains us to respond. One of the many letters received by us on this China Pig Disease issue reads:

Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh, 

Please issue some directives regarding Janaazah for those Muslims who pass away with coronavirus. 

In some places in Europe, people allow the hospitals to dispose of the bodies. They mostly cremate them. People are too scared to even take possession of the bodies. Others just take the body as it comes from the hospital / morgue and place in kafan or box and bury, without giving a proper ghusal. 

The authorities have suggested that people who give ghusal must wear mask and gloves. Kindly elaborate and educate the Ummat on how to go about this matter.   Was Salaam   (End of letter)



The fear, even among Muslims, bordering on Satanism, generated by the China Pig Disease is an attitude of kufr. From the Islamic perspective this fear is shaitaani and is totally unfounded and haraam. Due to extreme deficiency in Imaan and in most cases due to lack of Imaan in people masquerading as Muslims, people, i.e. Muslims, have cast overboard all teachings and advices of Islam pertaining to the issue of plagues and epidemics. 

The disgraceful cowardice displayed by even Muslims testifies to their lack of belief in the explicit injunctions of the Qur’aan. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“No person will die except at the appointed time with the permission of Allah.”

Maut arrives only at the command of Allah Ta’ala at the appointed time. This Maut is not exclusive for human beings. Every atom in the millions of universes created by Allah Azza Wa Jal has its expiry date – the moment of its Maut decreed by Allah Azza Wa Jal. Confirming this irrefutable fact, the Qur’aan Majeed declares:

“Not a leaf drops (from the tree) but He is aware. There is neither a seed in the darkness of the earth (underground) nor anything moist or dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.”


The topic requires a detailed response. If Allah Ta’ala wills, it shall be forthcoming. This naseehat is restricted to the question pertaining to Muslims who die with the disease. 

According to the Shariah, the China Pig Disease has absolutely no effect on the Shariah’s Janaazah service. Ghusl, Kafan and Dafan have to be compulsorily executed as commanded by Allah Ta’ala. The disease does not warrant nor permit any change in the Shariah’s system of Janaazah. 

The hideous fears displayed by Muslims of deficient Imaan are totally baseless. Only those who have been destined to perish, will die. Only those who have been listed on Allah’s list for execution by the Virus Executioner will be killed. The virus and entire mankind and jinnkind are utterly impotent. Harm and goodness are acquired only to the degree ordained by Allah Ta’ala. 

All the measures adopted by the kuffaar will not avail. Quarantine, masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc. will not prevent the disease nor save those who are earmarked to be apprehended and destroyed by this act of Divine Chastisement. No one will escape his/her fate. 

It is haraam to cremate the bodies. It is haraam to dump the bodies. It is haraam to bury without proper Masnoon ghusl and kafan.


Muslims should hang their heads in utter shame and disgrace for dealing so unceremoniously and satanically with their deceased ones. The inordinate fear displayed by Muslims is a sure sign of kufr. At least the kuffaar have shown greater sagacity in that they do not advise dumping the bodies. They advise that gloves and masks should be donned when ghusl is given to the mayyit. 

While this is unnecessary, nevertheless it does testify to a greater degree of intellectual equilibrium. It shows that these Muslims reacting with such cowardice suffer from mental disequilibrium.

17 Rajab 1441 – 12 March 2020

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