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Humiliating Conditions

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In a ‘technical report’, the author, Mohammed E.Rawat, professional mechanical engineer, suggests a host of conditions as pre-conditions for opening the Musaajid. We reproduce these conditions which are  absolutely  ludicrous in terms of the Shariah.

Recommended behaviorial measures TO reduce transmission Sick or Unwell patrons

 Actively encourage sick mosque patrons to stay home: 

 Patrons who have any symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, or shortness of breath) should stay home.

 Sick patrons should follow Government and CDC-recommended steps, and should not return to the mosque until the criteria to discontinue home isolation are met, in consultation with healthcare providers and state and local health departments.

 Patrons who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should stay at home until the criteria to discontinue home isolation are met, in consultation with healthcare providers and state and local health departments.

 Patrons who appear to have symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, or shortness of breath) upon arrival at the mosque should immediately be sent home. The COVID-19 virus affects different people in different ways.  COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and most infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms and recover without requiring special treatment. People who have underlying medical conditions and those over 60 years old have a higher risk of developing severe disease and death. 

 People with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should self-isolate and contact their medical provider or a COVID-19 information line for advice on testing and referral.
Perform Cleansing rituals at home

 Patrons must be encouraged to perform the normal pre-prayer cleansing ritual at home before travelling to the mosque, and must wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Ablution and Prayer cleansing (wudhu) areas must be closed throughout.Encourage Good Hygiene behaviour 

 Patrons must be encouraged to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. They must be encouraged to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they cough or sneeze or use the inside of their elbow. Throw used tissues in the trash and immediately wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer must be made available at all mosques, especially at the entrance (inside and outside). Patrons must as a rule de-sanitise before and after entering the mosque.

 Shaking hands must be prohibited, greeting and communicating directly with other patrons. Greeting from afar or in passing can be accepted. The Imam must also encourage patrons to make their non-compulsory prayers at home, as well as their duaa. Duaa must not be made in the masjid, unless hands are disinfected first.

 Practice social distancing by avoiding gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 2 meters) from others.

Recommended covid-19 operations and procedures

Provide necessary hygiene cleansing facilities for staff and patrons:

 Consider establishing policies and practices for social distancing. Social distancing should be implemented. Social distancing means avoiding large gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 2 meters) from others where possible. Strategies that mosques could use include:

 Implementing staggered prayer times (possibly based on address, surname, etc.) in order to reduce numbers per congregation.

 Increasing physical space between patrons (multiple saffs will increase spacing to a 2.2m gap)

 Musallees to travel to Mosque alone.

 Mosque to close doors after 10 worshippers have entered.

 All worshippers to have face masks.
Introduce a building ventilation system, which will assist in increasing the ventilation and dilution rates, and increasing the percentage of outdoor air that circulates into the system. Masaajid are the best ventilated buildings in South Africa, with large volumes internal open space with double volume area.

 Identify a mosque staff member to be the designated COVID-19 coordinator who will be responsible for COVID-19 issues and their impact at the mosque.

 The mosque cleaning staff must Clean AND disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces such as carpets, handrails, and doorknobs before and after every prayer. Dirty surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water prior to disinfection. To disinfect, use products that are effective against the cause of COVID-19, and are appropriate for the surface.

 Maintain a healthy mosque environment

 Remote services (e.g. bayaans, programs, non-compulsory prayers)

 The Mosque doors and windows must remain open at least 30 minutes before and after the prayer, to avoid contamination via door handles, window latches, etc.

 Provide tissues and no-touch disposal receptacles.

 Provide soap and water in the workplace. If soap and water are not readily available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol. If hands are visibly dirty, soap and water should be chosen over hand sanitizer. Ensure that adequate supplies are maintained.

 Place hand sanitizers in multiple locations to encourage hand hygiene.

 Place posters that encourage hand hygiene to help stop the spread at the entrance to your workplace and in other workplace areas where they are likely to be seen.

 Discourage handshaking – encourage the use of other noncontact methods of greeting.

 Direct employees to visit the coughing and sneezing etiquette and clean hands webpage for more information. (End of the effluvium of Jahl-e-Murakkab)


In these times of  crisis – the crisis of fitnah and oppression of the Islamic and constitutional rights of the Muslim Community, when there is  so much frustration and despondency prevailing, we deem it appropriate  to introduce in the gloom some light banter and jokes such as the  bunkum stupidities  of the brother  who appears to be over-enamoured  with the  philosophy  of the atheists.

All the   terms which he has suggested for opening the Musaajid besides being hilarious jokes, are kufr and  some border on kufr. The  entire conglomeration of the  terms which in his mind are so ‘scientific’ are from the Islamic perspective fit for the sewerage drain. There is no need  for much intelligent comment for the drivel which is  self-evident to all true Mu’mineen. All of this nonsense is rejected with contempt.

8 Ramadhaan 1441 - 2 May 2020

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