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When our Beloved Respected Marhoom Haaji Bhai Padia Saheb was alive, he used to mention that when he heard the hadith that a time will come when there would be singing and dancing women in every home, he could not understand how this would become a reality. However, in the seventies, when T.V. was introduced as a mass media, Haaji Saheb mentioned that now he understood how this hadith became a reality.
In 1992, Haaji Bhai Padia Saheb told me (Moosa Olgar), to attend a Jamiat KZN meeting, where some members were thinking of participating in a T.V. programme. In this meeting, a few Ulama  spoke  in favour of participating in the T.V. programme. Alhamdolillah, with Allah’s Taufeeq, we spoke out against participating in the T.V. programme and based our proofs on this Hadith...
Hazrat Numaan ibn Basheer Radi Allahu anhu narrates: I heard Nabi Sallallahu alaihe wasallam saying: “The lawful is clear and the unlawful is clear. Between the two are doubtful things which many people do not have knowledge of. Whoever abstains from doubtful things has saved his religion and honour. Whoever falls into doubtful things is bound to fall into the unlawful. Like a shepherd who grazes his sheep near a sanctuary. He shall soon graze his flock there. Listen! Every king has a sanctuary .Listen! The sanctuary of Allah subhanahu wata ‘aala is what He made unlawful. Listen! There is a piece of flesh in the body. If it is sound, the entire body will be sound. If it is unsound, the entire body will be unsound. Listen! It is the heart.” (al-Bukhari: 52. Muslim, Kitab al-musaqat: 107)
In short, we brought out the rule of Sudul Baab i.e. to close the door to evil that may appear. It is for this reason that our Beloved Hazrat Marhoom Moulana Saeed Khan Saheb would say: “Mufti wo nahi he jo kitab dek kar fatwa de, magar jo anjaam dek kar fatwa de.” A mufti is not he who looks at a kitaab and gives fatwa, but he should look at the end result of the fatwa he issued.
A glaring example of making short sighted decisions and rulings is the’ permissibility’ of photography that sadly even the sanctity of the Haram is no more being maintained or respected by Muslims. Hujjaaj and Mu’tameroon are taking photos of themselves all around the Haram.
Look where we have fallen to, when it comes to womens’ voice and the radio stations. Not even a wali can say that these womens’ voices is not affecting his heart. Have not these radio stations now fallen into Haraam?
Again, look how beautifully, Hadhrat Moulana Saeed Khan Saheb Rahmatullah Alaih said: “Baatil kabhi haq ki shakal me aaye ga aur har ek oos ko nahi peh chaan sake.” Baatil (falsehood) will come in the form of Haq (truth), but not all will recognise it.
Baatil comes in the form of Haq with Islamic names, “Islamic T.V.”, “Islamic Radio”, “Islamic Banks”, “Islamic Finance”,  Halaal Nail Polish, etc.
Waabisah ibn Ma’bad Radi Allahu anhu narrates: “I went to the Nabi of Allah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) and he said to me: “You have come to ask about righteousness?”  I replied: “Yes.” He said: “Ask that question to your heart. Righteousness is that with which the soul and the heart experience tranquillity. Sin is that which creates doubt in the heart and causes hesitation in the chest, even if people give you a ruling (fatwa), even if people give you a ruling.”  (Ahmad: 4/228. Ad-Darimi: 2/245,246)
Those that desire to be blind shall never see.

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