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The following is a list of haraam, stupid conditions which the Munaafiq trustees of a jamaat khanah seek to impose of Musallis:

North Beach Jamaat Khana

Proposed guidelines for Stage 3


1. One or two volunteers or dedicated persons standing at sanitizing booth to ensure everyone walk through and to hand out disc to indicate which entrance or part jk to use.

2. A1-A50 green disc for first entrance (original section for musallees with wudhu)                                                        B1-B50 blue disc for main section (big section using back entrance)

3. Musallees to make wudhu at home as this will prevent congestion in wudhu area. If they need to make wudhu they should specify on entry so guided to the right entrance.

4. Come to Masjid on foot as far as possible. If we have permits, then cars will be allowed to park on premises.

5. Use masks to and vro at all times.

6. Every musalli will be asked to go through the sanitizing machine and then be screened with thermometer as well to measure temperatures.

7. Entry will be permitted when musallis pass these measures. Anyone without a mask, or whose temperature is high, or has any symptoms will not be allowed entry for precautionary reasons.

8. No socialising in or outside of the Masjid.

9. Social distancing will be maintained at all times and in all areas of the jk property.

10. Staggered jamaats throughout the waqt this is an option

11. All discs to be returned after salaah

12. Because of the restriction of numbers we suggest that children should read salaah at home therefore no children allowed  until further notice.

13. It is advised that should any person of any age be prone to illness or have any symptoms of even the normal flu, to please stay home for their own safety and that of others.


We trust that all musallees will be responsible enough to ensure that these rules will be strictly adhered to at all times so we can do our part in flattening the curve and getting back to normal as soon as possible. 


Please feel free to make any suggestions to make this transition easier and safer.



It is not permissible to perform Salaat in this jamaat khana under the shaitaani yoke of these satanic conditions. Muslims should perform Salaat at home if they are unable to join a valid Jamaat Salaat elsewhere.


It is not permissible to enter this jamaat khaanah which these munaafiqs are pillaging and plundering in such a haraam shaitaani way. Salaat performed in the manner proposed by these Munaafiqeen is not valid.

4 Shawwaal 1441 – 28 May 2020


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