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A fatwa OF KUFR

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The maajin mufti of a fong kong, ‘darul ifta’ in Springs issued the following KUFR fatwa:


“It is Sunnah for salaat with jamaat that the musalli should stand joining the next Musalli without any gap between them .

In our current situation there is this virus , and it is a known and proven fact that it effects the next person by joining and physical contact, thus everyone should stand with one another at a distance.

Salaat with jamaat is preferable , so ulamaa has given permission in this situation that it is better to perform salaat with jamaat keeping a distance between the Musallis .

It is a precautionary measure and shariah orders cure and precaution.

Therefore it is better for men to perform jamaat in The masjid adhering to precautions instead of performing salaat at home .

In this manner our masaajid will be opened and we will get reward for jamaat as well.      And Allah knows best.


Mufti Muhammad Ashraf Qureishi

Darul Iftaa, Jamia Mahmudiyya, Springs

(End of the KUFR fatwa of the jaahil, maajin ‘mufti’)


The moron quack and crank ‘mufti’ lacks even the elementary rudiments of Ifta, hence he excreted the rubbish and kufr in his stupid ‘fatwa’. We have explained this issue in several articles which are available on our website. A summary of our detailed explanation regarding this issue of fong kong ‘salaat’ in the Musaajid, is as follows:


(1) The entire host of satanic conditions is haraam. 

(2)  Acceptance of these conditions is kufr because such acceptance is in rejection of the clear-cut commands of the Shariah. It is also kufr because it is accepted in denial of Rasulullah’s explicit negation of disease being contagious. The scum however believes in the exact opposite stated by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Hence it is KUFR. 

(3)  If due to ignorance someone had joined a fong kong congregation, he should repeat his Salaat. 

(4) It is HARAAM to submit to the haraam conditions. 

(5) If the Musallis lack the spiritual stamina to oust the stupid clique controlling the Musjid, then they should perform Salaat at home. A few brothers should establish Jamaat elsewhere. Never should they participate in KUFR. 

(6) The imaams, molvis and jaahil ‘muftis’ who exhort Muslims to submit to the theories and instructions of the atheists have worldly and nafsaani objectives. They are all agents of Iblees engaging in undermining the Deen.

(7) The so-called ‘precautionary measure’ advised by the moron ‘mufti’ is in denial of the practical ta’leem of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah all of whom had seen and lived in plaques which had ravaged their communities. But Rasulullah’s example is not sufficient for these vile jaahil ‘muftis’. For them, the copro-theories of the atheists have greater credibility and preference. 

They masquerade as ‘Muslims’ whilst their hearts are bereft of Imaan. In short, they are MUNAAFIQEEN. That is the only reason why they sweep under the carpet the example of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and of the Sahaabaah. There can be no other reason.

4 Shawwaal 1441 – 28 May 2020


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