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“The Haqq (Truth) is from your Rabb. Therefore do not become from among those who doubt.” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 147)

“What! Should I (i.e. the Rasool) appoint  an arbitrator besides Allah whilst  it is He Who has revealed to you the Kitaab which elaborates (every thing). And (even) the Ahl-e-Kitaab to whom We have given the Kitaab (Tauraah), know  (without any doubt) that it is  theRevelation from your Rabb  with the Haqq (Truth). Therefore never be among those who doubt.” (Al-An’aam, Aayat 114)

“The decree of your Rabb has been completed whilst it is the truth and just. There is no change for His decree. He is The One Who Hears, The Knower. And, if you  follow the majority on earth, they will  deviate you from the Path of Allah, for verily, they follow nothing but conjecture, and they indulge in only  wild guesswork.” (Al-An’aam, Aayat 115)

In  the wake of this ‘pandemic’ Satanism  has surfaced the abject deficiency and even  deracination of  the Imaan of the vast majority of the Ummah. Truly, we are in the era about which the Hadith predicted:  “An age will dawn when the people will gather in their Musaajid and perform Salaat while not a single one of them will be a Mu’min.”

The appalling degree of doubt, uncertainty and even flagrant rejection of the explicit  statements and commands of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) by  professed Muslims, even by molvis and sheikhs  is shockingly lamentable. Awed and  mentally buffeted into  obsequious submission  to the  conspicuous kufr theories of the atheists, Muslims – ulama and laymen alike – are entrapped in a pandemic of fear bordering on kufr.  The doubts  in the Ulama have constrained them to resort to farfetched, ludicrous  baatil ta’weel (baseless interpretation) to justify every kufr facet and silly artefact which the atheists  have offered to vindicate and justify the ‘pandemic’ of Bill Gates.

The baseless interpretation of the Ahaadith by the Ulama of this era has  further emasculated the  already deficient Imaan of the masses while at the same time  driving them (the ulama) to  either the brink of kufr or  depositing them into the  cesspool of kufr  in consequence of the kufr implied in their misinterpreations.

The  excessive and extraordinary degree of fear portrayed by Muslims in subservience of the atheists who are motivated by  a grotesque and satanic  agenda to destroy the  people of the world, has induced them to abandon  even the very fundamental principles of both Imaan and A’maal.  At the altar of this satanic fear for a ‘virus’ which is in entirety subservient to the Command of Allah Azza Wa Jal, Muslims have abandoned the foundational Pillar of Salaat.  The daily five Fardh Salaat with  Jamaat in the Musjid and  Jumuah Salaat  have been subjected to wholesale abandonment  tantamount to abolition. Minus this Salaat, there  hardly remains anything of Imaan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:   “The dividing line between  kufr and Imaan is the abandonment of Salaat.”

The irrational fear for the virus has spawned  the worst  kind of doubt in the hearts of  Muslims. These doubts which are  further transformed into certitude by the  kufr interpretations of the molvis and sheikhs have  constrained Muslims to  really believe that the  ludicrous ‘safety’ protocols  proffered by some atheist  scientists and medical  experts can save people  from the virus which is  subservient to the command of Allah Ta’ala. 
Those  who have  believe  that  the virus possesses the inherent  ability to kill of its own accord, are  oblivious or  forgetful that the Qur’aan Majeed declares:  “No person will die except at the appointed time with the  command of Allah.”  A person dies only at the moment decreed by Allah Ta’ala.  The silly and satanic ‘pandemic’ protocols cannot thwart Allah’s command. Nothing can foil the Decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. It is therefore imperative for Muslims to adopt only  such measures of the material ways and means which are fully within the confines of the Shariah.  It is disgusting for the Ulama to fabricate and disgorge  interpretations of the Ahaadith to bolster the  theories of kufr of the atheists.

This virus has a function to execute. It will   traverse its prescribed trajectory and  assault only those earmarked  by Allah Ta’ala.The virus does not attack senselessly and  randomly. It  progresses with its  mission very selectively.  It does not  smite just anyone in its path. Even the experience of the atheists  testifies for this fact. While inanimate entities appear to be without intelligence,  they in fact  are endowed with  sufficient intelligence  for obedience to Allah’s Command and Decree.  They  do not deviate an iota from  the Command of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

Allah’s Athaab is not a haphazard accident operating without  plan and directive.  It is subservient to the command of Allah Ta’ala.

Among the destroyed nations of bygone times, when their Nabi warned them of the impending Punishment, they mockingly  taunted the Nabi: “Bring  upon us that (punishment)  which you have promised us if indeed you are among the truthful ones.”   Then one day: “When they saw it in the form of a rain cloud approaching their valleys, they (happily) exclaimed: ‘This is a raincloud which  will  pour rain on us.’ (The Nabi said): ‘In fact it is that (Punishment) which you had  hastily demanded. It is a storm in which is a painful chastisement. It will utterly destroy everything by the command of its Rabb’. By the morning nothing could be seen (of humanity  and their animals) except  (the remnants of) their homes. Indeed, in this manner do We punish a nation of criminals.”      (Al-Ahqaaf,  Aayaat  22 – 25)

Note the emphasis!  The Punishment operates by the Command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. This virus to is under divine command – the command of its Rabb - regardless of  Bill Gates being the  material factor or  worldly means or cause for its appearance. Allah Ta’ala utilizes  any of His  creation for the execution of any of His decrees.

Muslims should not compromise their Imaan with  the  doubts of kufr  which  stem in the wake of western secular education, ignorance and emulation of the  concepts and  ways of the kuffaar.  Molvis eliminate the Imaan of the ignorant masses with  such  grotesque baatil interpretation of  the Ahaadith which mislead them into acceptance of the  theories of the atheists.

Western university products suffer the calamity of a massive tussle between the demands of Imaan and the Imaani destructive theories and concepts  with which  they have been indoctrinated.  If it is not for Allah’s aid,  it is not possible for them to   cast of the  blinkers of kufr and  emerge safely from the straitjacket in which their intelligence has been welded at university. These westernized personnel  need to  engage profusely in  supplication (Dua) to seek taufeeq  from Allah Ta’ala  for guidance and  for the protection of their Imaan.
The  deluge of doubts created in them by  their secular  academic training will violently agitate the  conscience of only   those  for  whom Allah Ta’ala  wills goodness. Insha-Allah, He will guide them and save their Imaan by imbuing them with sufficient spiritual stamina  to overshadow the ‘logical’ demands of the concepts and theories of kufr which had been dinned into their ears and hearts.

Life on earth is extremely  short-lived. There is great meaning for our temporary  earthly sojourn. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, this world has been created for you while you have been created for the Aakhirah.” “This world is jeefah (carrion)”. Thus, the Deen is not a hobby. It is not of secondary importance. The Deen may not be  buffeted and battered into  subservience  to the objectives, theories and concepts of materialism and atheism. When there appears a conflict between any Deeni demand and a mundane issue,  the former must imperatively be  accorded precedence and preference while the latter  has to be  set aside and abandoned regardless of the perceived  loss or harm or disadvantage. This is the test for Imaan, and it is  for this conflict  that Allah Ta’ala has  dispatched us to earth to  undergo  constant conflicts.  It is in this perennial state of conflict that the true Mu’min emerges  with success. With each  success he climbs the ladder of Roohaaniyat to gain Divine Proximity.  The one who casts the Deen aside in a conflict, becomes the slave of Iblees.
In the conflict which today Muslims struggle, especially molvis and doctors, the lamentable observation is that  most of them have  fallen into the cauldron of kufr. They  have blindly  accepted  the kufr theories of the atheists. They have  rejected and even denounced Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). While molvis resort to kufr interpretation, the doctors  resort to flagrant denunciation  of  the teachings and tenets of Islam which conflict with the kufr theories and concepts of their  western atheist masters.

The plethora of ludicrous conditions   devised by ‘muslim’ doctors and professors for the operation of  the Musaajid leaves the Mu’min aghast. These  ridiculous conditions are in violation of every example set by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah who were in the thick of  such plagues which  compel the bogus corona ‘pandemic’ to recede into oblivion. Comparitively speaking, the  corona virus is not a pandemic, in fact not even a plague. It is a ‘seasonal flu’ as  numerous  other atheist scientist  claim.

Not a single one of  the  other  so-called ‘essential’ services institutions is encumbered  with such a host of satanic   conditions as have been imposed on the Musaajid. It is infinitely   superior and better to perform Salaat at home or elsewhere in the Makki Sunnah style than to disgrace oneself  with the pollution and humiliating  conditions which munaafiq  committees of  some Musjids have adopted. Submitting to such abasement  and disgust is not permissible.

The exposition of the virus proffered by  ‘muslim’ professors and doctors is indeed painful for the people of Imaan. Their understanding  and propagation of the atheist   theory testify to the deracination of their Imaan. While they speak the language of  the athesists, they are  grossly  ignorant and bankrupt of  the explicit  commands and exposition of these issues  presented by Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

In their  over-eagerness to appease the government, they  display no regard for even the  scientific theories of numerous scientists and medical experts who are also atheists. These scientists with differing  theories, concepts and models do not  propagate  Islamic religious doctrines. While  the government scientists (i.e. the ‘muslim’ ones) blindly and irrationally  propagate  only the theory  which appeases Bill Gates, they  have hitherto miserably failed to  logically and scientifically  debunk what  their colleagues in the opposition say.

The molvis and sheikhs who  are addicted to disgusting bootlicking of the government, have  hitherto been ominously silent   regarding the Qur’aan’s explicit denunciation of quarantine.  Although they  struggle by hook  and  by crook to misinterpret the Ahaadith to bolster the  theories of the atheist, they have not  attempted  to explain the Qur’aan’s  command in this regard. We have explained the Qur’aanic prohibition in other articles which are available on our website.  The clarity with which the Qur’aan Majeed  castigates quarantine has deterred the molvis from  embarking on a venture of interpretation. There is just no valid interpretation which can  argue away the explicit ruling of the Qur’aan on the prohibition of quarantine.

In His naseehat for the People of Imaan, Allah Azza Wa Jal  calls:
“O People of Imaan! If you help  Allah, He will help you, and He will firmly ground your feet.” (Muhammad, Aayat 7)
Helping Allah is to be firm on the Commands of the Deen. Whenever a conflict develops,  cast aside  the dunya and follow the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala. Do not wait  for the moment  when the soul will be stuck in the throat. At all times in this  fraudulent pandemic  of fear reflect on the Qur’aanic Verses:   “No person will die except  at the appointed time   by the command of Allah.”   “Not a leaf drops (from a tree) but He is aware.”

6 Shawwaal  1441 –  30 May 2020

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