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South Africans would never again believe in Covid19 figures

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South Africans would never again believe in Covid19 figures as Dr Mkhize gets caught, see what he did


Jun 23, 2020 11:40 AM


The rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases is yet one of the issues that troubles and at same time shocks South Africans.

Taking a look at the rate in which the cases increase shows and attest to the fact that there's definitely something wrong somewhere.

South Africans have been battling with the said virus for months now, and yet things only get worse without any good news on these numbers being recorded.

Recall that South Africans had at some point began to doubt the legality and realness of the coronavirus numbers. They'd even blamed the government and the health minister for somehow manipulating numbers for unknown reasons.


Unfortunately, the health minister had of recent committed an act that truly backs up some South Africans claim of the coronavirus numbers manipulation.

Health minister Zweli Mkhize was seen and caught to have somehow manipulated the coronavirus figures while making his usual nation briefing on Monday's evening.

Zweli Mkhize was seen to have at first posted an update that had the number of recoveries pegged at 53130.


However, few minutes later, the post was also seen to have been removed, while another new update was immediately posted with a more different and contrasting number that had the number of recoveries pegged at 53444(making it about a false addition of 314 cases).


Few South Africans who had the minister's handle on their "awareness list" couldn't keep calm, while they questioned the minister for the number manipulation. Still the minister turned deaf ears to their questions.


This is definitely a set back from the South African government. A manipulated Covid19 would only increase the rate at which people believe in the virus existence.

Same reason why every one keep on yelling for a go on to level1. South African would be really disastrous if everyone turns deaf ears to the virus an then begin to act like all is manipulated.

23 Jun


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