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Believing that the Muslim community has forgotten about his recent plot and struggle to retain the government’s ban on the closure of the Musaajid,

Reverend Abraham Bham of Bogus uucsa and the NNB (No Name Brand) jamiat of Fordsburg parading as JUSA, has issued a statement in ‘support’ of Madrasah Ta’limuddeen of Isipingo.


An insane fellow had applied to the court to have the Athaan at Madrasah Ta’limuddeen and at all other Musaajid banned. The kuffaar court of which Reverend Abraham Bham and Tony Karaan of the MJC on their own version are “Friends of the Court”, has ordered the Madrasah to abstain from proclaiming the Athaan. The matter is being appealed.


Now, this Munaafiq Reverend Bham fully cognizant of the fact that he and his ilk have lost considerable support in the Muslim community for having acted as the Friends of the Court, in their kufr bid to persuade the court not to grant Muslims permission to perform Salaat in the Musaajid, and to retain the government’s ban on the closure of the Musaajid, has suddenly displayed one other of his nifaaqi colours by issuing a statement supporting the Madrasah and speaking in favour of the Athaan. This shameless Munaafiq in his penultimate sentence of his hollow statement of support says:

“May the Almighty help us in the defence of the Deen.”

A Munaafiq, due to mental aberration is extremely short-sighted, forgetful and blatantly shameless. What affinity does this Munaafiq have with the Athaan? He was the very first agent of Iblees who had exposed his own nifaaq and kufr by opposing the Muslim community’s High Court application for permission to perform Salaat in the Musaajid.


The Munaafiq  Reverend Bham and Tony Karaan fought tooth and nail in the court, sweating and puffing, disgorging profanities in court via their lawyer – profanity against Muslims, against the Deen, against the Musaajid and against Salaat which according to these cartel of Munaafiqeen is the worst spreader of the corona disease.


This Munaafiq and his ilk were the first to ban Jumuah and Jamaat Salaat in the Musaajid under their satanic control. They were the first satanic vermin to close the Musaajid. About these scoundrels, the Qur’aan Majeed says:


“Who is a greater (viler and worst) zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents from the Musaajid of Allah   that thikr be made therein, and he strives in the destruction of the Musaajid?” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 114)

The satanic temerity of this Munaafiq character is mind-boggling. He labours for the suspension (abrogation) of the Fardh and Jumuah Salaat; he opposes the Ummah in the application to the court to have the Musaajid opened; he accuses the Musaajid of being the worst spreaders of the disease, but now he ostensibly is in support of the Athaan being proclaimed!!! Has the Athaan greater significance than Jumuah and Fardh Jamaat Salaat or are these two latter acts of Ibaadat of lesser significance than the Athaan?


Let it be known, and do not be fooled by the shenanigans of Bham Munaafiq and the rest of the  cartel of  Ibleesi agents, that the objective of this leader of the Munaafiq clique is to slink back into the support of the Muslim community. He has absolutely no truck with the Deen. He is a kuffaar bootlicker, and the enemy of Allah Ta’ala. Only Allah’s enemies act as ‘Friends of the Court’ to have the Musaajid closed and Fardh and Jumuah Salaat banned.


Do not be deceived by his statement of support. Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen is under Shar’i obligation to spurn Reverend Bham’s support offer. It is hollow and the stench of nifaaq is extremely disconcerting to people of Imaan. We trust that the Madrasah will not team up with scoundrel munaafiqs. If it does, it shall be deprived of Allah’s Nusrat.

13 Muharram 1442 – 2 September 2020


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