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Najaasat (filth), pork and carrion diffuse the entire meat and chicken industry.  Almost 99% of the Muslim butcheries deal in CARRION certified by the shayaateen cartel with ‘halaal’ certificates.   Allah Ta’ala commands even the Ambiya (Alayhimus Salaam): “O Rusul (Messengers)! Consume halaal-tayyib and practice deeds of virtue.”

Halaal food is of fundamental importance for gaining taufeeq for A’maal-e-Saalihah. One of the most important reasons for the epidemic proportions of spiritual and physical diseases debilitating the physical and spiritual fibre of the Muslim community, is the reckless and gluttonous indulgence in consuming CARRION.

The meat and chickens which the community consumes are all HARAAM. The system of killing animals at commercial plants is HARAAM from beginning to ending – from A to Z.  The kuffaar are 100% in control of every facet of the killing system.  The method of killing employed by these satanic commercial enterprises has been termed by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as Shareetatush Shaitan (the slaughter of the devil).

The supervision claimed by scoundrel entities such as SANHA, NHJC, NIHT, etc. is a massive shaitaani myth and fraud. There is not even a semblance of supervision at the killing facilities nor at the storing facilities, nor in the transport system. The same trucks which transport donkey meat, dead zebras and pork also transport the so-called ‘halaal’ certified meat and chickens.  The transportation is also fully – 100% fully – under kuffaar control. The claim of supervision is a dastardly LIE of the halaal-certifying cartel whose primary interest is the BOODLE – the haraam money they are extravasating and sucking from business people.

Muslims have really degenerated into the lowest ebb of moral and spiritual degradation as a consequence of carrion-addiction. Even if excreta is made somewhat fragrant with chemicals and packed in plastic packets bearing halaal logos, the Muslim community of this era will consume it with relish. Muslims have degenerated and fallen to levels below that of vultures.

The meat and chickens which Muslims are devouring are in reality food fit for only the shayaateen. Only two known species of creation consume carrion:  vultures and shayaateen. But, Muslims have now joined the two in filth-consumption. Therefore, the epidemic of incurable diseases of a variety of kinds is in fact a punishment of Allah Ta’ala on the devourers of haraam carrion.

It is imperative for Muslims to restrain their inordinate nafsaani craving for consuming halaal-certified carrion. How is it possible for a Muslim with healthy Imaan to ever buy meat and chicken products from non-Muslims merely on the basis of a confounded ‘halaal’ label appearing on the packet / wrapper? Only a degenerate Imaan dangling on a thread will permit consumption of the halaalized filth.

Those who consume the carrion meat and carrion chickens which are commercially available, are the followers of shaitaan. Stating this fact, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“O people! Consume from the earth only that which is halaal and tayyib, and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. He is your open enemy. He instructs you with only immorality and evil and that you fabricate about Allah what you know not.”

19 Muharram 1442 – 8 September 2020


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