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19 Shawwaal 1433 – 6 September 2012

Modernists are on a campaign to encourage Muslims to donate blood. What is the ruling of the Shariah regarding blood donation and transfusion? Please check the fatwa and comment in the light of the Shariah.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“Allah did not create the shifa’ (cure) of my Ummah in
substances which have been made haraam for them.”

Whilst the Shariah permits the utilization of haraam substances in dire cases of need for medical treatment, the Shariah does not permit storage of haraam and filth matter for future use. Thus blood banks are not permissible.
If at the time of the emergency, halaal remedies are not available, then a haraam substance  available at the time  may be used. Today it is blood banks. Tomorrow it will be urine and faeces banks. People will be called on to 'donate' urine and faeces to be stored in these filthy 'banks' for future use.
The medical value of urine has already been conclusively established. It is only a matter of time for urine banks to come into existence. The muftis who are now legalizing blood banks will then  advise Muslims to proceed to these urine banks with bottles of their urine and chamber pots of faeces. Blood, urine, faeces and all sorts of najaasat are integral constituents of the kufr cult of the western world which Muslims are blinding aping.
Insaan is Ashraful Makhluqaat (the Noblest  of Creation). The Muslim Insaan is governed not only by dry fiqhi technicalities. The moral code of Islam, which is the primary theme of the Qur'aan and Sunnah,  regulates every aspect of the Muslim’s life.  Fiqh may not be employed in isolation of the Moral Code of the Sunnah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
"Cure for my Ummah has not been created in substances which
have been decreed haraam for them."               
Thus in anticipation of future  emergencies, it is not permissible for  this noble species of Creation to descend to the bestial level of consuming  just any filth  nor is it permissible for him to recklessly employ haraam substances for medical treatment in the way kuffaar do.
Muslims are required to have a large measure of Tawakkul on Allah Ta'ala. When one broods on future emergencies and dangers, then ........

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