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2 Zul-Qa’dh 1433 – 19 September 2012

It has been reported that a group of  misguided  masculinized, defeminized ‘women’ professing to be Muslims are organising  a so-called  ‘learn and motivate’ conference for women  at this weekend at a secular university in Durban. At the forefront of this mal-oon gathering which will be graced by shayaateen, faasiqaat and faajiraat, are the same ‘female’ agents of  Iblees Laeen, who are clamouring for a female eidgah and for the sacred ban on  women attending the Musaajid to be lifted.
By this time it should be quite conspicuous that the clamour for women to attend the Musjid is a satanic ploy – a devilish red herring to deflect the focus from the true objectives of these napaak females masquerading as Muslims whilst at heart they are munaafiqaat. They are fully cognizant of their hidden kufr, but in their opinion they have suffered the  colossal misfortune of having been born into Muslim homes. They lack the guts to rip off their ‘Muslim’ masks, hence they seek to undermine Islam from within their ranks of nifaaq.
Actually, these napaak masculinized ‘women’ have no relationship with the Musaajid. Their aim is to only utilize the Musjid as a platform for ‘emancipation’ of women western style.  They are all members of the satanic western women’s lib. movement and  they ardently espouse the cause of the  gender-equality mob.
The concern of this naseehat is not to attempt to reclaim and convert these napaak shaitaanas to Islam. The aim of this naseehat is to jolt innocent and ignorant Muslim women who are beguiled by the shaitaani ploys and stunts of these napaak ‘women’ whom Shaitaan has co-opted to be his agents. It is imperative to warn the innocent and simple Muslim women of the danger of associating with napaak female agents of shaitaan. These ‘women’, according to the Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) wallow in the state of janaabat. They are therefore napaak zaniyahs. Association with them is spiritually contagious and destructive to Imaan and Akhlaaq.
Allah Ta’ala has prohibited the public domain to the women of Islam. They are not permitted to emulate males and the kuffaar women of the West whose salient feature has become self-expression. But the Qur’aan and Sunnah command self-denial and self-concealment for the Women of Imaan. Public conferences, meetings and similar functions are totally HARAAM for Muslim women. Even the initial  permission for them to attend the Musjid during the blessed age of  Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was encumbered by a host of very strict  conditions. Whilst these napaak  entities clamour for the right to gate-crash into the Musaajid and to pollute the sacred Musjid environment with their napaak presence, they refuse to submit to even a single one of the many stringent conditions stipulated for the initial permissibility to attend the Musjid.
There are many conditions which have been explained in detail in other publications on  the subject of women and the Musjid. However,  this naseehat  will touch on just one of these stipulations which shows that the women who organise  public functions for females are napaak and are wallowing in the greater state of  ceremonial impurity  (janaabat) which necessitates ghusl for purification. But, since these napaak creatures are agents of shaitaan, the issue of janaabat and ghusl is laughable to them. This vital issue shall be explained here for the benefit of  innocent and simple Muslim women who allow themselves to be beguiled by the napaak shaitaanas who present  an outer façade of the Deen to ensnare  and ruin the Akhlaaq and Imaan of  innocent Muslim women whom the Qur’aan Majeed affectionately  describes as Ghaafilaat (simple and innocent), Due to their innocence and simplicity coupled with Nuqs fil Aql (intellectual deficiency), Muslim women are easily beguiled and led astray by the masculinized, napaak  agents of the Devil.
One of the stringent conditions which women have to adopt when circumstances compel their emergence from the home, is Rasulullah’s command: “They should emerge tafilaat” which means shabbily  and most unattractively dressed, with even a slight pungent odour emitting. It is among the gravest of the Kabaa-ir for a woman to emerge into the public domain after applying perfume. Such a woman has been condemned as a prostitute/adulteress by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam who said: “A woman who applies perfumes and passes by a gathering is like this and like that (i.e. an adulteress).”
Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (radhiyallahu anhu), one of the most senior among the Sahaabah, narrated that once a woman crossed his path. The fragrance of perfume was exuding from her. He said: “O Amatallah! (Female Servant of Allah)! Are you coming from the Musjid? She said: ‘Yes’. He commented: “I heard my beloved Abul Qaasim (i.e. Rasulullah – sallallahu alayhi wasallam) say: ‘The Salaat of a woman who applies perfume for attending this Musjid is not accepted until she returns (to her home) and takes a ghusl just like the ghusl she takes when she is sexually defiled.”  (Abu Dawood)
It should be quite clear to the women of Islam that women who apply perfume and adorn themselves with finery and attend public places are in the state of janaabat. As long as they do not return home and take a full and valid ghusl, their Salaat will not be accepted by Allah Ta’ala.  Perfume applied at the time of emergence from the home, ceremoniously defiles a woman and the only way of gaining purification is to return home and take a ghusl.
The severity of this issue should be more than adequate to convince unbiased, straight-thinking and concerned Muslim females that it is haraam for them to attend the satanic conference which the napaak ‘female’ agents of shaitaan are organizing to lure other women into the snare of moral and spiritual ruin.
We request our Muslim sisters who have been misled and cast into confusion by the clique of napaak masculinized women to honestly reflect on the abovementioned Hadith which affirms unambiguously that by participating in functions held in the public domain, women are overtaken by the state of janaabat. The Salaat which they  perform whilst in this napaak state is not accepted by Allah Ta’ala.
Furthermore, the consequence of janaabat is not restricted to perfume. By virtue of the common raison d’etre (illat) it is extended to all finery, adornment, jewellery and  garish dress donned by females when they emerge from their homes to enter into the public. Since their appearance is  designed to attract maximum gazes by fussaaq and fujjaar males, these women have been classified as ‘adulteresses’ by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

We appeal to  Muslim women who are being beguiled and misled by the napaak ‘female’ agents of Iblees, to understand that attending the HARAAM ‘conference” organized by the napaak ‘women’, is HARAAM. May Allah Ta’ala guide you and protect you against the evil of the nafs, and the evil of these napaak ‘female’ agents of Iblees Laeen.

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