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A Brother who was invited to attend a Nikah and a haraam wedding reception in Middleburg, has the following complaint and lament which is reproduced verbatim:

“I was invited at a Nikaah, followed by a reception in a small town called Middelburg in Mpumulanga.


I am used to performing my Salaah in Jamaat while standing shoulder-to-shoulder. This is the Sunnah I learnt and practice upon all my life. All the latest social distancing is against the Shari’at – as I am educated by the Ulama-e-Haq that I follow. Hence, back home, I choose to attend only those Musaajid where there is no social distancing – and there are numerous Musaajid that don’t do this!


Nevertheless, I was present at the Nikaah in the Masjid in Middelburg where the Imaams and trustees are staunch believers and promoters of the anti-Sunnah manner of social distancing in their Masjid during Fardh Salaah.


We were all sitting together in the front of the Masjid to observe the Nikaah, with no masks (by majority of the audience). The Imaam Saab commented in words such as "I can see we are sitting close to each other as is usually the case but Please note during the Fard of Zohar kindly follow the Distancing rule and space yourselves as per the markers on the musallah,it is Sunnah to look after your Health, in Middelburg we are very united"


Obviously, these words hurt me. How can a Mulana that leads the congregation in Salaah make such remarks?


Anyway, after the Zuhr Salaah (I never attend the Musjid’s Salaah due to social distancing), meals were served. In the venue, the same Mulana was sitting on table and chairs, with no mask and no social distancing whatsoever! How ironical?! What double standards!?


My question is that how daring is this attitude not? Why only target and attack the Salaah by being strict on observing social distancing during Jamaat Salaah in the Musjid which is the holiest and purest of places, and nowhere else? Does this Mulana not realise the Dajjali-stench in all these happenings around the world in the name of masks, social distancing and covid? So, instead of promoting Islamic guidelines, why is this Mulana sanctioning the Kuffar, atheists, the modern jeans-shirt-suit dressed trustees and the kuffar government who don’t have the interest of the citizens at heart, by becoming ‘very’ strict in social distancing rules in his Musjid? Why doesn’t he rather promote the Sunnah in his Masjid? Does he see ‘barkat’ to come by social distancing? Is there not the Hadith (I am non-Aalim hence correct me if I’m wrong) that warns that if the saffs are not filled properly, disunity will enter in the community?


Later in the day, different people of the town and perhaps outsiders discussed the same topic about the same double standards of the Mulana who performed the Nikaah. I was disturbed by the attitude of the Ulama, Imaams and trustees of the town towards transforming their Musjid into a social-distance hotspot.


I also learnt that there are some of the Muslims of the town that are totally against social distancing in their Musjid. This means there is no unity in the community, because as I heard Ml Abdul Hameed’s Bayaan saying that unity should only be on matters that are in conformity with the Shari’ah. Hence, here since the Imaams are acting against the Sunnah of shoulder to shoulder Saffs, there is now no unity in this community. These brothers have opted not to attend the Musjid. Some of them entered the Musjid for the first time for the Nikaah, since lockdown.


I concluded after making further study on the issue that the Ulama and Imaams are ‘bought out’, and are sell-outs. The reports that I was told are too sad and bad to pen down.


Some Deendaar men of the community tried to gain a separate area in the Musjid to attend the Salaah with no social-distancing. Yet, this was also rejected by the crowd of social distancing. Indeed, this is very sad. How can people who did so many years of Tabligh Jamaat work in which the Sunnah is emphasized; Ulama who had studied for over six years in darul-Ulooms amidst senior Ulama and Mufties; Imaams who lead the community in Salaah reject a request made by a small group to observe the Sunnah in their Musjid? Does this show their hatred for the Sunnah?


I have been told that even Newtown Musjid (Bham’s headquarters) have designated a space for non-social distancing in the Faraz Jamaat Salaah. Many, many other Musjids don’t have social distancing at all!


On 17 Sept 2020, JUSA's statement was released from which the following is understood:

'differences of opinion should be accommodated and allowed access to the Musjd for Fard Jammah Salaah'


Then why are the Imaams of Middelburg which has a JUSA office, still opt to stubbornly force the un-Islamic social distancing in Salaah?


Returning back home and attending the Musjid for Jamaat Salaah (with no social distancing), I realised the Bounty of Allah upon us. The peace, serenity, security and pious atmosphere of the Musjid is really appealing to one's Imaan.


I will really appreciate your comment on this issue.”

(End of the Brother’s letter)

There is no doubt in the nifaaq of this wretched molvi. The only place for targeting with the kufr protocols of the atheists is the Musjid. At the nikah ceremony in the Musjid where the munaafiq molvi happens to be the imam, the satanic social distancing and the niqaab of iblees rule were not observed. But to ensure that these artefacts of shaitaan are implemented in the Fardh Jamaat Salaat, the munaafiq shamelessly made an announcement to this effect.

At the haraam, immoral reception of fisq and fujoor the protocols of the atheists were ignored, but in the Musjid these acts of satanism are enforced. Every Muslim whose Imaan is still intact can form his own conclusion and extract a fatwa from his heart to understand the type of shaitaani scoundrel this munaafiq molvi is. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Seek a fatwa from your heart.”

There is no need to be an Aalim to understand the nifaaq and kufr of this wretched, wicked munaafiq who parades himself as a Muslim. He is a cog in the machinery of Iblees set up via the atheists to dismantle Islam and to create a new religion in the name of Islam. The likes of this molvi will be the Kilaabun Naar (Dogs of the Fire) in the Aakhirat.

13 Safar 1442 – 1 October 2020


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